Emil Sayegh

Feb 27, 2014

Introducing Eli Bowman as the New Codero CFO

Eli Bowman - Codero Hosting CFO

Eli Bowman – CFO

It is with tremendous pride that we have formally announced the promotion of Eli Bowman to Chief Financial Officer of Codero today. Eli has been with the company a number of years and is deep with what we like to call “Codero DNA”. A true leader that has exceeded expectations in both his core job functions, and outside of them. Eli has functioned as the VP of Finance and Controller since October of 2008. In the last couple of years, with all of the reinvention and acceleration that have gone into Codero’s path to industry leadership, Eli’s excellence in helping keep the company on a solid financial course is duly recognized, and is the reason why he’s been selected for this role. From sound financials to cost controls, his leadership has helped us maintain the course that our company has set upon. “Codero DNA”? – it means a number of things, but it certainly includes talent, a ‘can-do’ attitude, and it means that often you go outside your comfort zone to do more to achieve. Eli has taken on many more responsibilities outside his core duties when the call came about – things like: HR, Recruiting, Procurement, Site Leadership, Legal, and so on.

What does this mean to Codero?

There may be a question on some minds as to what this means for the company. At the highest level, the answer is simple – Codero continues to position critical talent to aid us with the core principles of our company. Great products, great values and great support – that’s our winning formula, and where Eli’s exemplary attention to detail and strategy will help us continue to achieve these great goals. Our newly minted CFO will be making sure we are as efficient as we can be, as excellent as we can be and he will be delivering reports and forecasts that will help us anticipate the health of the operation.

We are in the midst of establishing a brand and line of products like no other in the history of hosting. Every move we make today is critical as the technology envelope gets pushed a little farther every day, but this is just where we want to be – telling our story of how we are doing this. Ultimately this is all designed to benefit the customers who we hold in the highest regard, for without the endless customer success stories, then our mission is incomplete. Each of us that wear the Codero badge do so with pride, and we are all invested in excellence in all that we do. We couldn’t be prouder of Eli Bowman’s ascent from within our company and look forward to the great work he will be producing for Codero now and into the future.

Eli, Congrats and Thank you! – Emil

And if you are interested in becoming a part of the Codero Hosting team please visit our careers page for a list of current opportunities.

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