Emil Sayegh

Mar 18, 2015

Introducing Codero’s Raw-Power Bundles

Picking out the right server configuration for your needs can be tricky. There are many factors you need to take into consideration, and even tech-savvy people may still not know how every aspect of a given configuration will impact their websites or applications.

Worry no more! Codero is happy to introduce The Codero Raw-Power Bundles to make your life easier. Each bundle is a pre-configured hosting package built around our most popular bare metal servers. The bundles add features like managed hosting, server monitoring, RAID and backup protection to give your data the winning edge. Take a look at our three new offerings below:

Codero Raw-Power Bundles

Looking for the best deal on hosting? You CANNOT configure a better price on our site. The Codero Raw-Power Bundles are the best bundle deal on the internet, and will save you hundreds of dollars (or more!) per year.

Whether you’re running a high-demand website, ecommerce site or application, each of these new bundles is designed to get you started quickly and efficiently.

  • The Cheetah covers the basic needs of a high performance web server. The lion includes the added security of server monitoring to make sure your app or website is up and running 24/7.
  • The Lion was built on a super high performance server. The lion doubles the RAM of the cheetah (to 16 GB DDR3) and adds RAID, EVault managed backup and server protection to ensure that your ecommerce or high-demand app or site is ultra responsive.
  • The Rhino is perfect if you want to make sure your website or app is ready for whatever comes its way. Are you hosting a highly transactional power-hungry ecommerce site or a database requiring high-end performance? The rhino is the bundle for you. With 32 GB RAM, much faster uplink speed and enhanced RAID, the rhino can withstand any traffic rush you may get.

Get your website or application up-and-running today for as little as $49.50. Talk to one of our hosting experts or order your Power Bundle today!

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