Emil Sayegh

Apr 1, 2016

Introducing: Codero Human Servers

At Codero, we’re always on a mission to innovate and expand our product offerings in order to best serve our customers. We regularly solicit feedback from and listen to not only our current customers, but also prospective customers as well to ensure they’re receiving the best possible service. Our dedication to this ongoing effort inspired the launch of our latest offering – we’re proud to announce Human Servers, an addition to our amazing server line up. Yes, we are now offering actual human servers for all of you who want your own butler! We have enabled this new offering through a brand new app that allows users to choose their ideal human server by swiping right or left as shown in the image below.

Why did we venture into human servers instead of sticking to computer servers?

  • Our search query report. Our resident marketing, SEO, and PPC gurus produce regular reports that tell us which search terms users are using to find us. Since we rank so highly on the term “servers,” we decided it was only logical to expand into human servers – it’s that simple!We wanted to leverage our strong brand, and capitalize on the traffic to bring our talents to an industry that relies 100% on high-quality service and “servers”.
  • Our customers and prospects – they come to us seeking high-performance computer servers backed by Codero’s exceptional service (it’s in our DNA). We parlayed this winning combination into a formidable force ready to take on human servers.

How will it work? In the age of abbreviated attention spans, we’re following suit in terms of design with swipe technology. Here’s a sneak peek:

Human Servers

I hope you enjoyed this post in honor of the holiday – we obviously won’t really be offering Human Servers, but we will always offer exceptional service. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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