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Oct 19, 2015

Codero Hosts Inaugural Codero Preferred Partner Summit

This is a very exciting week for Codero as it marks the inaugural Codero Preferred Partner Summit in Dallas, TX! The two-day summit is a great opportunity for Codero’s preferred partners, customers, and vendors from all over the country to meet with the Codero team and learn about the future of the company.

Codero’s executive and management teams are giving our preferred partners the sales tools they need to be in the most advantageous position to sell Codero products and enhance their customers’ experience! Some of the featured presentations from the event include:

  • Understanding Challenges of Real Codero Customers
  • Profile of a Codero Deal
  • The Codero Dedicated Hosting Training: Understanding the Codero Advantage
  • Codero Cloud Training Why the Codero Cloud Wins
  • On-Demand Hybrid Hosting: Why Hybrid is the Future of Cloud

The Codero Preferred Partner Summit also offers an opportunity for Codero’s partners, customers, and vendors to learn more about Codero’s current and future product and channel road map. Over the past few months, Codero’s sales channel has expanded significantly, and we’ve aimed to go to market faster with new services and expanded capabilities. Information about both of these benefits will be covered extensively at the summit.

Leo Staurulakis of JSI Capital and Codero CEO Emil Sayegh kicked things off on Day 1 by welcoming attendees to the event in the opening keynote:



Brian Scandariato, the Director of Existing Accounts at Codero, took the stage next along with two of Codero’s customers for “Customer Case Study: Understanding Challenges of Real Codero Customers” panel:


Tony Anderson, Director of Channel at Codero, covered the “Profile of a Codero Deal,” examining why certain deals fit into the Codero service umbrella and why others might not work:


Thomas Roberts, Customer Loyalty Manager at Codero, helped the crowd understand the Codero advantage — and how he makes customers smile:

thomas (2)

But the highlight of Day 1 may have been the presentation by Philip Ratzch, Codero’s Senior Network Engineer and resident lumberjack, who spoke about how the many hosting elements within Codero’s network work together to keep a professional hosting environment performing at the highest possible level:



Day 2’s agenda had attendees split up into two tracks, one focusing on business and the other on technology. Each group had a chance to hone in on their particular area of interest, as each track was comprised of smaller groups and structured for interaction.

Tony Anderson, Brian Baker, and Jason McVearry welcome attendees back on Day 2 for the “Business Track”:

tony (2)


Codero’s Senior Director of Development, Tom Martin, leads the product roadmap discussion:


Codero CEO Emil Sayegh spurs a discussion about the importance of service:

emil (2)

Some of Codero’s preferred partners take the stage for a partner panel to talk about their needs and address Codero’s partner community leads:


Codero customers Riverhouse IT and bCommunities discuss their business hosting needs:


Codero’s Sales Manager Brian Scandariato croons the partner summit crowd with his smooth sales voice:


Codero’s Senior Director of Development, Tom Martin, leads the product roadmap discussion!

tom-martin (2)

The floor is opened to the audience for a Q&A session:


Codero’s VP of Marketing Jason McVearry answers a question in the Q&A session:

jason (2)

Codero’s VP of Marketing Jason McVearry answers a question in the Q&A session:


Codero’s Senior Director of Development Tom Martin and Sales Manager Brian Scandariato:


Codero’s Director New Sales Tony Anderson and Account Executive Brian Baker listen to audience questions during the Q&A session:


Codero’s Director New Sales Tony Anderson speaks during a presentation for the summit’s businses track, while Codero’s VP of Marketing Jason McVearry looks on:


Codero CEO Emil Sayegh offering the summit’s closing comments:

emil (3)

Last but not least, here’s a sampling of the tasty food at the summit!


To keep up with the latest happenings at Codero or from the inaugural Codero Preferred Partner Summit, like Codero on Facebook or follow Codero on Twitter! This is a very exciting time for the company, and we can’t wait to share updates with all of you.

Visit our Partner Program page to learn more about the the Codero Partner Program — or if you want to join today!

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