Jul 19, 2011

How to Take a Vacation Without The Burden of IT Baggage.

When you’re responsible for a company’s technology running smoothly 24/7, you may feel so indispensable that even the thought of taking a vacation brings on a rapid heartbeat. If you dare leave, the guilt over the baggage of what could happen in your absence could ruin your trip.

Here are a few procedures to implement before you pack your bags:

1.)  Designate an IT staffer to handle your duties in your absence. Leave them your admin passwords, the keys to the server room…any type of security device you normally solely possess.

2.)  Leave written instructions for simple basic operations, too, such as how to power down servers and which buttons to press. Document policies and what to do in the event of an emergency.

3.)  Delegate your decision-making authority. Remember that warranties for equipment might be in your name, so ensure someone within your department has access to vendor and warranty information along with the authority to purchase parts.

4.)  Make sure you tell upper management and everyone within your organization you are leaving town and who they can contact in your department in your place.

5.)  Notify your server hosting provider with contact information for your second in charge and provide updated emergency contact information. At Codero, we offer Emergency SMS Service Notifications. The system accepts multiple contact numbers. That way, your staff can be notified about emergency situations should they arise while you are away enjoying your vacation.

When IT duties like data security, compliance and access control are all in your hands, problems can compound quickly when you take time off. The last thing you want is to never be able to take a vacation.

What are your tales of IT terror while you were on vacation? Share your stories with us anonymously. For example, have you ever been called back to the office from vacation to troubleshoot an IT issue? Did your number two in charge do more harm than good? Let us know, no names will be posted.

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