Jun 8, 2016

Hosting Success is a Plan, Not an Accident

A Backup Tale+Choose Your Host WiselySome weeks ago, we were treated to a pair of stories that would probably win the “Darwin Award” version in the category of internet hosting. First, an anonymous administrator at an unnamed hosting provider shared his story in an online community of how he allegedly committed a powerful command that wiped out the sites of all of its 1,535 customers. It turned out to be a highly shared prank, but it also served as a cautionary tale that reminded the hosting community (and customers) to back up everything. Just a few days later, UK hosting provider 123-Reg committed an actual error of the same order of magnitude when an errant script on the company’s VPS services wiped out the sites of many of its customers. Lost in the melee’ and digital carnage were many hours of development, proprietary information, and intellectual assets. This time it was no joke or laughing matter. It was interesting that once the original fictional story became real, the moral of both stories changed from “A Backup Tale” to “Choose Your Host Wisely”.

You Had One Job, on One Day

Lightning struck again. An unfortunate incident recently affected the online donation efforts of a national fundraising group known as “Big Day of Giving” on the biggest day of the group’s annual funds drive. Fifty-four communities across the country had been counting on a hosting provider to drive the websites that process hundreds of millions of dollars in donations. According to reports, technical enhancements to the donation platform, a new mobile application, and a number of other unnamed changes ultimately contributed to widespread delays and an effective loss of service. Whatever the truth of the ultimate cause ends up being, the blame for the technical outage has largely been cast on the hosting provider behind the scenes. Lost in this outage were months of promotion and marketing efforts which had brought in donors to the site on that particular day. In other words, on the one day that everything needed to work, it didn’t.

From the outside looking in, the expensive lessons learned on that day belong to that company to learn from. One can only suppose what might have been done better with any specificity, but a few basic principles are inescapable. In any information technology initiative, goals, testing, retesting, and plans for contingencies are a part of a sound plan, none of which are easy or inexpensive to implement. The only way any of these elements fail is if somebody has taken shortcuts for the sake of making a deadline or imprudently pursuing savings.

The Secrets of Avoiding Hosting Doom

These were some rather public examples, but there are many incidents that happen like this behind the scenes. There’s a reason why this kind of incident is doomed to repeat. The thing to know about avoiding these “hosting doom scenarios” is that these incidents have everything to do with quality. Some hosting providers are in the business for every last perceived benefit they can gain or operate with that mentality. Planning for cheap or having no plan at all is a recipe for disaster.

Codero was built on the principles of building the right way. Aiming for the plan is the easy part, but the work is difficult – for the right reasons. For the benefit of the hosting community, Codero will now share the formula for one of its proprietary customer service secrets – Quality.

  • “Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle – Aristotle was a smart man that knew this secret nearly 2500 years ago: the hard road is the right road (and it is right by the customer). Quality is something you do every day, at every level possible, especially when nobody is looking. It means planning, it means testing, it means contingencies, it means investment, and it means service.
  • Quality is free – Compared to the cost of not doing things right, quality is worth the effort and is effectively free. Lose customers or lose reputation in exchange of meager immediate savings – it’s every hosting company’s choice at some point. Hopefully yours makes that right choice.
  • Quality pays – Sustainable growth and success is inexorably intertwined with quality. Stop taking shortcuts.

Business: Plan for Success

Enough with these industry “accidents”! Do your due diligence and demand the quality your business serves expects to serve to its own clients. A wise partner choice equals a wise business choice, and partnering with a good provider is a plan for success, especially when it comes to hosting.

Excellent support, excellent technology, thorough planning, and uncompromised redundancy are just a few of the key elements that make some hosting providers stand apart from the rest. Codero wears those distinctions and its commitment to quality with pride. Our company knows that customers are enabled by our infrastructure and solutions, not encumbered. With tremendous flexibility to serve all customers’ hosting needs, the principles of quality, service, and leadership are at the core of the product we deliver each and every day.

See what our customers have to say about Codero’s hosting solutions here. Want to share your story? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today for more information.


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