May 26, 2015

HostCrusher Thrives as a Reseller With Codero Hosting

Hosting resellers play a vital role in providing a value added service to end customers. Resellers buy hosting products and services from larger companies, such as Codero, add their own specialized layer of services onto those products, then re-sell the entire package to their customers. In the early days of hosting, when the market was dominated by large companies offering limited services, resellers helped shape the service-driven hosting offering.

As a reseller, you need to find a company that’s dependable and affordable, while also guaranteeing good uptime and a super-responsive team. When hosting companies see resellers stick around, it’s a clear sign that they’re doing something right. For the last two years, HostCrusher has grown rapidly, reselling Codero’s dedicated servers along with their custom suite of managed services.

HostCrusher owner John Cheshier says, “HostCrusher’s goal is to provide outstanding services for the best price.” To achieve these goals and stand out from the rest of the crowd, Cheshier says, “HostCrusher constantly innovates and improves its services at no additional costs to our customers to make sure they stay on the cutting edge.”

HostCrusher’s History

Cheshier’s experience dates back to 1999, when he built his first websites. He got tired of dealing with unacceptable levels of downtime and hosting companies performing poorly. He decided to take matters into his own hands and started a hosting company that was dependable and responsive.

Cheshier began reselling hosting with infrastructure from HostGator and picked up with a few clients. But Cheshier wasn’t happy with HostGator’s performance or service. When his business became successful enough, he began looking for other hosting companies that had a more solid offering at a leading price with great support.

HostCrusher & Codero

Codero + HostCrusherCheshier said that when he was looking to leave HostGator, it was tough to find a hosting provider that met his criteria as a long-term partner. But Cheshier was determined to find a company that was “focused more on service.” After doing his research, he chose Codero as his new home to build his business.

Cheshier said that after adding Codero’s servers to his site, “all of a sudden, more clients wanted my services. It was the perfect intersection of product features, availability, timing, and opportunity.”

For added protection and coverage, Cheshier added Codero’s Proactive Managed Hosting to his primary account. “That way,” he said, “I could let you guys handle the harder stuff and I could spend more time overseeing my clients and my needs.”

“I haven’t had any problems with my server infrastructure in two years! There’s no downtime, no issues. I’ve gotten excellent service through Codero tech support, even with my self-managed servers. Codero performance and uptime has really helped HostCrusher grow. Codero has excellent pricing for resellers. The Codero team really bends over backwards for resellers, and I appreciate it.”

— John Cheshier, Owner of HostCrusher

More About Codero’s Reseller Program

The Codero Reseller Program gives you the ability to resell our products and services and rely on our expertise to help you out. The program offers major discounts on our regular pricing for dedicated servers and setup fees. The bigger your server volume, the more money you’ll save! Check out the potential:

Codero's Reseller Program

Codero’s Reseller Program is designed to for major reseller houses, like our most recent partner SHI, to smaller resellers working to grow in the premium reseller space.

Join our growing list of partners today! Contact Brian Baker or Codero’s marketing team to learn more or sign up today!

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