Feb 28, 2011

Help for Open Source Projects.

If you’re wondering how to start an open source software project, you might be happy to know there are several examples out there showing how to do it successfully.

Open source software vendor, Black Duck, organized projects into its Top 10 Open Source Rookies of the Year. For developers, system administrators and open source enthusiasts, it’s an interesting list. It shows examples of new communities that are growing…in particular in the areas of mobile and cloud. They reviewed and scored thousands of projects.

For a long time, businesses have used applications developed by communities of programmers which were freely available for anyone to use but mainly for basic infrastructure functions. Now, many businesses are using open source software to make applications they think will give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Gartner conducted a 547-company survey of software usage trends which showed companies now know they can customize the code to meet their individual needs instead of paying a commercial software vendor to do it for them.

Over half of the survey respondents said they had adopted open source software (OSS) as part of their IT strategy. Gartner identified these key categories where IT organizations use OSS:

  • Data management and integration
  • Application development, integration, architecture, governance and/or overhaul
  • Business process improvement or re-engineering
  • Security, risk and/or compliance
  • Data center modernization and consolidation
  • Virtualization

What projects have you created in OSS? Why did you choose OSS?

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