Oct 30, 2015

Codero’s Halloween Haunts Continue with More Costumes and SOUPer Friday!

This has been a very fun week at Codero, filled with delicious foods and amazing costumes! With Halloween just one day away, we wanted to cap our week off with a bang — and I think I can safely say, “Mission accomplished!”

(In case you missed out the festivities from earlier in the week, you can take a look back here.)

We have a second wave of awesome costumes! First off is Cindy Wisner. She may be forever smiling on our home page, but there’s something angsty, brooding, and very 1990s under that smile… just like Daria!

Cindy Wisner as Daria

“It’s your kids, Marty!” shouts Codero’s CFO Eli Bowman, channeling his inner Doc Brown. “Something’s gotta be done about your kids!”


In some darker timeline, where maybe Marty McFly and Doc Brown couldn’t save Bif from ruining the world, we’re transported to a wasteland… where our Keri Sartain channels her inner Imperator Furiosa! I wouldn’t want to mess with her.


Office legend Youlian Ouzounov strikes a pose — and maybe draws a little inspiration from Captain Stubing of the Love Boat?


The Zoo Crew assembles. Who’s behind the masks? The world may never know…

The Zoo Crew

Costumes were only half of the fun, though. We complemented our costumes with some soup and barbecue. Early reports from the field suggest a raging success. Let’s check in with Denise Orth from the front lines: “I can honestly say that SOUPer Friday was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!!! We heard lots of ‘Mmmmmmm’s’ all around! Everything was delicious.”

Thanks for the update, Denise! And thank you all for the great pictures, too — everything looks great!

SOUPer Friday

Austin BBQ

(To check out the full-size resolutions of these pictures, check out our Facebook page!)

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