Nov 2, 2012

Codero’s Halloween Costume Contest

Is it strange for adults to celebrate Halloween by dressing in costumes and going in to work? I know I felt a little weird leaving the house dressed as a lumberjack this morning…and again when I walked across the parking lot and into the office building. But, I’ll admit this; I haven’t had this much fun getting dressed for work in a loooong time!! Nor have I been so excited to see what my Codero teammates were going to wear.

Participation in the costume contest was in full force (Eli B.) at Codero, thanks to the encouragement from our big wig (Emil S.)! Some teammates went bananas (Chris B.) with their costumes, while others simply showcased their alter egos (Thomas R., Keri S. and Chad B.). We were all having a devilishly (Deidra B.) good time making our customers and ourselves smile. Captain Youlian even kept us from seeing red (Shawn B.), as we hit our sales goal for the month! Way to take down (Jason T. and Clint P.) the competition with winning services and products (Radel V.), Team Codero!

(For more pics check out our Facebook Page)

At the end of the day, the voting poll for best costume was opened to our teammates, customers, friends and families through Codero’s Facebook page. Votes were collected throughout the night and following morning. When the poll closed at noon, Shawn was announced the overall winner for his red crayon costume and received the grand prize! Thomas, aka Moses, and Radel, a Cloud 2.0 server, were the winners from our Austin and Phoenix offices and each received nice prizes as well. Nice job, guys!!

Codero’s Halloween costume contest was just what I needed to get over the hump of a normal Wednesday. It put a smile on my face with treats of silly costumes and surprise cupcakes! The only trick was deciding on who’s costume I liked best.

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