Mar 11, 2010

Good Designers Come a Dime a Dozen – Part 1

A truly great designer takes into consideration what the end user is experiencing. This is known as Usability or User Interface design, both of which have become buzzwords for business owners and designers alike. This is a series dedicated to how to find a designer that can actually up your business with Usability.

5 things to look for in a Great Designer during the initial meeting:

  1. “We need to see what your target market is looking for before moving forward with your design.” This indicates the designer cares more about the fine tuning for ease of use on your website, poster, flyers and the list continues on. A statement like this also indicates the designer is there for your product not just to make another “great portfolio piece.” It also indicates the designer understands A/B testing.
  2. “What has your company done in the past about design and where do you see your company in 5 years?” While may appear to be a rather mundane and unrelated question, it indicates the designer cares and wants to provide the best solution for your company. They are interested in where your company has been and aims to be in the future.
  3. “Based on what we have talked about, I will build the budget and time frame this project will require. I will have it to you in 2 days.” You may think the designer is trying to put one over on you by not giving you a price quote right a way. In fact they are trying to save you a lot of money.  A great designer will take what the project is and scope a proper deadline and budget so in the end you are both happy.
  4. “Is there a special deadline that you need this project to be completed by? This might include a conference, tradeshow or grand opening.” This information lets you know the designer will factor your time frame into their invoice so there are no “emergency” costs in your final invoice.
  5. “Would you like you project to be SEO friendly?” In this day and age many projects a designer specs or quotes to a client include SEO elements this is especially important when you are running an ecommerce website. A graphic or web designer may not have experience in actually SEO-ing your website or fostering a proper Social Media relationship, but they should have knowledge that it will have to be factored into your design from the beginning.

These are just a few items and statements that set a great designer above a good one. Don’t be fooled, you pay for what you get and great designers are far and few between.  If you have any experiences with good, bad, mediocre or great designers please feel free to comment below.

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