Emil Sayegh

Sep 20, 2013

Exceptional Service Delivered…Again!

Introducing the New Codero Cloud with the BEST Reliability, Performance, and Value!

As we look at all the different cloud options and platforms out there, it’s pretty obvious that all clouds are not alike. Well, not all cloud providers are alike either and that’s something we pride ourselves on as we feel we provide a unique value to our customers. You see, at Codero, we always strive to deliver to our customer the best combination of reliability, performance, and value in the entire industry.

Today I am proud to announce to you the arrival of Codero Cloud 2.0 – a cloud like no other from a company like no other. We’ve compromised nothing as this product gives customers unparalleled value, with the power of a wide variety of choices of OSs, ultimate performance, and the flexibility of secure private networking. Codero Cloud 2.0 empowers our customers with a hosting solution that meets their different needs. Combined with the dedicated and managed hosting services we are known for, Cloud 2.0 is yet another tool that we offer our customers to fit the right IT resources, with the right applications, at the right time, at the right price.

Different workloads require different resources and architectures to be sound and perform well at scale. That’s why we always tell our customers, “the cloud is for everyone, but it is not necessarily for everything you do.” Just look at the variety of applications and workloads that are out there. In case you missed it, read our previous blog post entitled “Don’t believe the hype: Dedicated Hosting is 3x cheaper than AWS” and you will immediately see what I mean when we say we need to place apps on the right systems for the business goals we are attempting to achieve. Not thinking it through can cost you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

This is why Codero is so focused on delivering our value proposition of Best Performance, Reliability, and Value across the three pillars of our product portfolio: Dedicated Hosting + Managed Hosting + Cloud Hosting. This portfolio gives customers all the tools they need to create a rock solid configuration, built to scale, and built so that it interconnects with each other to seamlessly create a hybrid cloud hosting solution. It’s purpose-built to enable private network communication between instances, and with dedicated servers as well.

What is Codero’s Cloud 2.0 Good for?

Whether you want to run your databases on bare metal servers and leverage the cloud for web servers; you need more control for your application with dedicated private networking; or you need to securely protect data because of specific security and compliance requirements, our services have you covered so you can get exactly what you need.

Guaranteed CPU Performance on Codero Cloud

  • Full suite of Windows and Linux distribution support
  • Guaranteed minimum CPU for VMs
  • Burst capabilities allowing customers to utilize more than their minimum allocation of CPU when spare cycles exist
  • RAID10 storage for maximum IO performance
  • Secure networking between instances
  • New Responsive Control Panel Design
  • Competitive pricing plus the option of hourly or monthly billing based on customers’ needs and preferences

Call it the “Disruptive Cloud”:

The word ‘disruptive’ is thrown around a lot in the tech industry. But for us, the proof is in the successful trials customers have had with our new Cloud. Customers are overwhelmingly ecstatic about the service, the wide variety of applications we can support, what they can save, and our unwavering support available to them anytime/anywhere. We have a run an extensive private beta with customers, and the feedback has been nothing but stellar. Here is some of the feedback I got:

Chiron Data Systems“The Codero cloud performs better than its competitors and it has worked smoothly and reliably with absolutely no problems. It’s amazingly useful to spin up test cloud servers instantly. For our purposes and applications, Codero’s cloud hosting is the ideal solution. And the customer service is unparalleled!” — Aaron Smith – Chiron Data Systems

“I have been impressed with Codero’s cloud offering, professionalism and technical help provided by support to make our transition to the Cloud smooth. I have also been very happy with support, stability and management controls provided by Codero.” — Daniel Twum – CMA, Inc.

Best Performance!

To give you a taste of our Cloud performance to date, take a look at these quick benchmarks. And while this is far from an in depth scientific evaluation, we do believe it’s indicative of what you can expect from the Codero Cloud.

Codero Cloud Database Performance Graph

Codero Cloud File Copy Performance Graph

$20 Credit to just try it!

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. We will give you a one-time $20 credit when you create a Codero Cloud account to make trying Codero Cloud completely risk free. We would love to hear your feedback after you’ve had a chance to try it, so please email us at product@codero.com, call (1-866-2-CODERO) or chat with us today. And stay tuned because we have more exciting product announcements coming later this month.




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