Sep 15, 2010

Even Greener: 25-30% Decrease In Power Consumption.

Are you working to become a greener company? Not only does Codero offer green hosting, we also are buying only 80 PLUS certified power supplies for our data center. To date, a third of our power supply units have been updated, resulting in a 25-30% decrease in power consumption.

Codero is putting greener, more energy-conscious power supplies in place for all our servers as announced in our recent press release. Six pallets of power supplies are being recycled which equates to optimizing 1,687 servers with the purchase of newer, more efficient power supplies. Any new server will also receive greener power supplies.

The demand for IT capacity across the world is on the rise and with that increase comes more carbon emissions. The IT industry is responsible for about 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, according to a Pike Research report, and the fastest growing part of that footprint is data centers.

As data energy costs become more apparent, the financial advantages of going to a greener mode of operation are being acknowledged. The report predicts the data center of the future will be energy efficient and more virtualized.

Companies worldwide, including Google, are taking a step in the green direction by relying on a variety of methods including buying renewable energy credits like Codero currently does.

There are many ways businesses can transform their company to be greener. Tell us how you are reducing your carbon footprint. What else do you think data centers could be doing?

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  • JJ

    With so many quote/unquote “green hosting providers” using REC purchases as a crutch, it is encouraging to see someone creating a more efficient data center environment by investing in its infrastructure. Way to go, Codero!

    • Shelby Garlock

      JJ, thanks for recognizing the importance in the steps we are taking beyond REC purchases. We feel in order to be truly green you have to live by green ways. It’s not something that can happen over night but look for more things to come like this in the future.