Jun 12, 2014

Enriching Experiences for Patrons of the Arts

Museo de Arte de Puerto RicoThe importance of having an engaged and active web audience is a foregone conclusion in today’s technology driven world. When it comes to hosting a site, reliability is not something to be compromised. Reliability concerns were exactly what the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico’s Museum of Art) was facing before finding Codero.

The Problem: Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) had spent several years using local hosting provider that they were quickly outgrowing. When MAPR recognized that their current hosting solution was ill-equipped to handle their current needs, or scale to meet the demands of projected growth, they started looking for a new hosting provider.

The Solution: Museum Webmaster, Solimar Salas Rodríquez, developed a plan to increase the visibility of the Museum by greatly improving their web presence. In an effort create a unique and memorable online experience, high-res exhibit images, bilingual options, videos, discussion forums, and social media connections were added to encourage participation from loyal patrons of the arts. The membership grew because of it, and visits to both the web site, and the museum increased exponentially. The extensive implementation of new services required a hosting service with powerful performance, guaranteed uptime, and the best in customer support. After thorough research, and due diligence, they found Codero. Let’s find out how, and why….

Customer Support That Exceeds Expectations
According to Ms. Rodríguez, Codero’s 24/7/365, US-based support far exceeded their expectations. “Having a stable website is very important to our brand,” said Ms. Rodríguez. “But we also needed speed, quality and the ability to grow at the right price. After a thorough search, Codero delivered all of these elements better than anyone else.”

Windows Based Hosting Solution: The MAPR’s hosting platform is built on Windows® dedicated servers with firewall services, FTP backup, server monitoring and utilizes MSSQL. With 24/7 support available, Codero’s customer service team bears the burden of keeping MAPR’s infrastructure up and running. Now, museum leaders can more effectively field requests and take on new projects because they aren’t consumed with putting out fires caused from an unreliable and under-performing hosting provider.

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Website

35,000+ Site Visitors per Month at 10x the Performance!
Today, the museum’s website attracts 35,000 visitors monthly and massive increase due to the improved overall experience. The site now includes more than 1,500 exhibit images, a blog platform, an interactive online educational program, videos, and social media links. In the near future, patrons will benefit from 100 percent bilingual content. Additionally, the museum is attracting greater interest as a venue for conferences, meetings, and weddings because organizers can now quickly access helpful venue information such as layout, FAQs, and photos directly from the website. Ms. Rodríguez insists this is a revenue stream they couldn’t fully tap without being backed by Codero.

“We want to be a place for rich conversations around Puerto Rican art and fine art from the world,” said Ms. Rodríguez. “With Codero’s services, people can consistently rely on us for high-quality online content, making them more open to learning about art, sharing their ideas and getting involved.”

Codero is excited about having MAPR be one of our beloved customers. We thank them for the kind testimonial, and assure them that we are all here to serve them as well as our other customers. If you’re a Codero customer and want to share your story about Codero Hosting and how it affected your business, let us know by emailing


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