Feb 6, 2012

Domain Registration Spoof E-Mail

Over the past weekend an individual or group spoofed the e-mail from and sent unauthorized Domain Service Notices to many domain name registrants.  These emails were not sent by or authorized by Codero.  Codero does not offer domain name registration services, and the contact information provided in the emails is not Codero contact information.

Please note also that no confidential Codero customer data was obtained by the perpetrators of this spoofing scam or used as part of the scam.  Instead, only publicly available domain name information and associated emails were obtained and used by the perpetrators.  In fact it appears that many of the people contacted are not now, and never have been, Codero customers.

If you were contacted about your domain name registration in this scam, Codero strongly suggests that you immediately delete the e-mail and don’t fax the requested information.  If you did fax or otherwise provide information in response to the unsolicited e-mail, we suggest that you immediately (a) contact your domain registrar to ensure that your domain name is not transferred away by this rogue individual or group and (b) contact your bank or credit card provider and report probable fraud.

Thank you again for being a Codero customer.  Again, please be assured that Codero did not authorize or send these unsolicited e-mails.

Ryan Elledge
Chief Operating Officer

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  • Mukesh

    domain is very valuable thing ..
    every one shuold be aware about scamers

  • M. Saini

    A domain name is the unique name that you select for your web site. Your domain name is essentially your brand and should say a lot about your products, services or the messages you are trying to convey. So, domain name plays very important role in website development phase. But the most important thing that always remembers is that everyone should be aware about scammers.

    Thank you so much for providing useful information.