Dec 3, 2015

Delta Sigma Pi Builds Lifelong Business Bonds through Codero Hosting

One of Codero’s favorite cloud customers is the University of Texas at Austin chapter of Delta Sigma Pi (DSP). Delta Sigma Pi is America’s foremost business fraternity, with 284 collegiate chapters and more than 20,000 active members.

With a focus on producing community outreach and business projects, DSP needs an integrated system to manage all its projects, contacts, and websites. DSP runs its entire management ecosystem on the Codero Cloud to give them the necessary performance, scalability, and control for their complex needs.

“The performance seen in our Codero Cloud instances is downright incredible!”

John Gemkow, VP of Information Technology for Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi

Gaining a Competitive Advantage by Moving to Codero Hosting

Delta Sigma Pi uses the Codero Cloud to host its mission critical web applications, including its web server, knowledge management system, and project management software. The organization moved to Codero from a shared hosting vendor, where the ability to scale, overall performance, and lack of support were hugely limiting factors that made them look elsewhere.

“After moving to Codero, our applications now work faster than ever before!”

Savvy college students are accustomed to speedy websites and applications, and they will not interact with a site or app that doesn’t respond immediately. That made the Codero Cloud an easy choice for their needs, says Gemkow.

As the highest performing cloud and one of the most competitive priced clouds available, Codero was a no brainer for Delta Sigma Pi.

Positioning for Future Growth

As Delta Sigma Pi’s reach in the community increases, the organization will need to scale up its infrastructure. The most efficient way for Sigma Pi to grow in terms of time and capital is to scale on the cloud.

“Codero allows us to expand fluidly and allows our team to create new value for all of our stakeholders!” Gemkow said.

Service Matters

“A lot of vendors offer strong performance offerings,” Gemkow said, “but Codero stands out for their quality and excellent customer focus. Codero’s team is incredibly responsive and helpful!”

Gemkow is a capable developer and project manager, but having a team that’s available to diagnose issues and help guide customers through situations is an invaluable asset.

Learn More About the Codero Cloud

To learn more about the all-SSD Codero Cloud, visit our cloud hosting page or this introductory post on Codero Blog. Want to test out the Codero Cloud for yourself? Sign up today and we’ll let you try three months for free!

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