Aug 6, 2012

Customer Service is King for Codero Customer – Shade Tree Network

The Shade Tree Network is a company that provides website design services and site maintenance to customers of all sizes. The company’s website design services include logo design, page layout, creating photo galleries, developing website merchandising strategies, and more. Michael Capps, owner of the Shade Tree Network, prides himself on helping customers define their web presence and establish a powerful connection with customers on the web. Some of his recent client work includes developing websites for La Casita Cafe and the Lone Wolf Bar. He also created a site for a community motorcycle group that represents bikers across the Four Corners of America called the Hog Troff.

Prior to Codero, Capps was running and maintaining his own dedicated servers for almost nine years. He had deployed servers in seven different data centers, during that time, with seven different companies. At some point, he became completely “fed up” with his other colocation and hosting providers when their customer service and slow response, began to impact his customers.  At that point he just knew there must be a better way.  He went on an extensive search of hosting providers, from big to small, from the US to overseas.

After that search, he made the decision to become a Codero customer and he hasn’t looked back.

Michael Capps - Shade Tree Network

Michael Capps – Shade Tree Network

“I have been with Codero for over four years now,” said Capps. “Not a single bad experience since my dedicated server was rescued from a foreign run data center.”

When Capps has, on a rare occasion, experienced an issue or needed extra help, Codero’s expert staff has responded politely and professionally, and they resolved the problem quickly, sometimes in the wee hours of the night. Recently, one of Capps’ websites was hacked and mal-ware was added. When he contacted Codero about the issue, it was resolved in a matter of minutes.

“I haven’t had a problem with Codero that wasn’t corrected immediately with ONE phone call. I used to be an instrument and controls technician myself, with years in nuclear start-ups,” said Capps. “I can say from experience that Codero has some of the best technicians in the business. I’m talking not only on top of their game, but a downright pleasure to deal with. In my opinion, Codero is the standard in the industry to shoot for.”

To Capps, exceptional customer service combined with Codero’s value and competitive rates is the secret sauce. Network reliability, performance and speed, and around the clock customer service, makes Capps happy to be a Codero customer for life.

And, we couldn’t be more grateful for customers like Capps at the Shade Tree Network. Not to mention our growing customer list of service providers, global financial institutions, top 10 travel websites, Fortune 500 firms, and companies of all sizes. Because of you, we get to do what we love. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service at all times. Support based on our technical experience and respect for customers is our #1 priority. That’s it. In essence, at Codero we believe that when you take care of customers first, good things happen!

As a Codero customer, you also have the security of knowing your infrastructure is hosted in our award-winning data center environment  (we are ranked in the Top 10 of the Most Reliable Hosting Providers category by NetCraft).

If you’d like to start experiencing exceptional customer support like Michael, chat with our sales team now. Or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter today!

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  • mackenzie

    Great post. I own a small business and I have had a few people tell me I should look into colocation services and cloud computing. Do you think that is a good idea? I am worried that my business may go under and I am willing to try anything to keep it a float.