Kami Haynes

Jul 25, 2016

Customer Highlight: Cyber Innovation Solutions, Rickey Jones

cyber-innovationCodero customer Cyber Innovation Solutions (CIS) is an innovative IT outsourcing provider, serving small and mid-size businesses. Sharing many of Codero’s core values, the company prides itself on service, support and technology innovation.

CIS has multiple lines of business and relies on Codero to host its live streaming business. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Rickey Jones, the company’s CIO, to learn about his experience with Codero so we can better understand how our customers rely on us and how we can best serve their needs.

Before working with Codero, Rickey used a local collocation data center and hosted his own servers there. The speed and scalability that the live streaming business required were lacking. As his business scaled, he quickly realized that he needed a hosting partner that could scale up instantly on-demand. He considered the usual large brands such as AWS and Rackspace, however, Codero’s reputation in the market, product offering, price point and the reviews of industry peers persuaded him to take a deeper look… and he’s glad he did.

Working with Codero has dramatically improved CIS’s business and increased the level of service Rickey can offer to his customers. When he first started with a local collocation data center, CIS experienced several episodes of “freezing” during streaming – especially during the middle of the night when the demand for streaming content peaks. Consistency was not possible and naturally the 80% uptime he was experiencing was simply not acceptable for his streaming customers.

Now that CIS is with Codero, Rickey and his team can provision more resources on the fly. One call, one ticket, or one API call gets him exactly what his customers demand when they want it. Rickey and the team at CIS are now free from hardware and software management. They get to focus on their application and customers; they don’t need to keep up with hard drives, memory, servers, and running all the hardware aspects of hosting. The net result is that Rickey gets away from dealing with physical maintenance and can instead focus on a superior streaming customer experience.

“Customers want zero interruption in streaming and they want content 24/7.They’re watching videos anytime all the time,” said Rickey. “Codero Hosting empowers me with the on-demand hosting capabilities to satisfy those demands and, looking forward, to scale as our business grows.”

“Our strategy is to become a CDN provider and Codero is the right partner to help us get there. Because I don’t need to bring in another party, I can maintain control and mitigate costs,” said Rickey. “I’ve always known how to do it, but I just needed the right platform and partner. I found that great combination in Codero.”

Codero welcomes the opportunity to grow with its customers and rise to the challenges that expansion can bring. Rickey and CIS recently had a major live streaming event that garnered the attention of a much larger audience than usual. Anticipating the influx of thousands of viewers at once, Rickey worked with his Codero team and easily increased speed with the preparation of mere hours. With viewers all over the globe flocking to the streaming content simultaneously, we are proud to report that there were zero interruptions and scaling was easy and seamless.

Have a story to tell about your experience with Codero? We want to hear it! Email us at hosting@codero.com.

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