Emil Sayegh

Jun 9, 2014

Coming out of the Shadows: Shadow IT and Mainstream IT Working “in the Light”

Two major drivers for the adoption of cloud computing are its agility and ability to bring products in rapid time to market iterations. For the last decade, stretched-thin IT departments have increasingly found themselves in direct competition with “shadow IT” groups within their own company. Departments in the corporation were running their own IT infrastructure services in the cloud because they couldn’t wait nor rely on their own IT department. They viewed their IT organizations as slow to respond, and public cloud offerings as a way to cut through the red tape of corporate bureaucracy.

But something interesting has started to happen. As cloud computing continues to change the IT world, we’re seeing the “shadow IT” groups now come out of the shadows, gain acceptance, and partner with IT departments openly.

Shadow IT is born 

Employees have become more and more tech savvy.  They walk around with smartphones in their pockets and tablets that are basically powerful computers. They think there’s an easy to load, easy to use app for everything. They’ve seen how easy it is to spin up cloud instances and load their applications and databases. These are some of the expectations that many IT departments couldn’t deal with in a timely manner.
IT Application Illustration

You have business units that have needs to fulfill, whereas your employees are looking for quick, inexpensive compute that your traditional IT department has been slow to deliver. Thus, shadow IT is the product
from an age of IT dinosaurs that are slowly dying off
and reinventing themselves.

Problems for mainstream IT

With the “shadow IT” phenomenon, business units are employing systems and services outside the company’s IT structure, and outside its control or visibility. Among the concerns over this phenomenon are security issues, loss of control and non-standard deployments. It can also be difficult to support and reign in. 


Opportunity for IT: “In the light”

What may surprise some is that Shadow IT is actually on its way down. Companies’ IT departments are beginning to adapt and answer these new expectations. They’re learning that cloud computing doesn’t have to be the problem; in fact, it’s actually the answer. By embracing the cloud and integrating it into the IT infrastructure, shadow IT can partner with mainstream IT “in the light”, and lead the way to a state of “instant IT”.

Studies are showing that IT organizations are stepping up, not only to the duty of integrating cloud for tactical advantages, but steadily addressing the overall company usage of external cloud-based services. This means incorporating a formal process, on-boarding of services, off-boarding of services, setting roles and policies, and applying an appropriate IT workflow around incorporating this technology.  It’s a fundamental shift that means getting ahead of the demand. By mainstreaming cloud computing in their own organizations, IT departments are slowly but surely turning the tide.

Here at Codero, we’re doing this by leveraging our Hybrid Cloud.  Easy, on-demand, and completely under your control, we’re helping people conquer these challenges again and again. Doing this in the cloud alone, doing it on your own, that means a checklist of new definitions, policies, and systems.  It’s a lot to tackle.

Meet the Hybrid Cloud

Meet the Hybrid Cloud

There’s a better way!

The best path to achieve flexibility is leveraging a Hosted Hybrid Cloud.  Easy, on-demand, and completely under your control.  You don’t have to compromise IT governance or let process go by the wayside, as long as you deliver a secure, easy and rapid infrastructure on-demand. By implementing an on-demand, instant IT Hybrid infrastructure, what was once impossible can quickly become an IT advantage – all the flexible benefits of cloud, with all the organizational requirements your business calls for. Organizations that leverage this strategy gain the power of approval and insight about their usage, needs, and audience.

Only you can truly know your environment inside and out – the demands, the process, the changes, the people that make it tick.  Now imagine being able to leverage your IT structure out into the cloud, as a true extension of your environment and being able to deliver this quickly to your business in a way that doesn’t require re-training.  With an On-Demand Hybrid hosting infrastructure you can have it all, delivering instant IT to your business, securely, reliably, and efficiently. As an IT organization, you are no longer viewed (unfairly) as the bottleneck, but are the catalyst, and broker so that your organization can tap into the power of the cloud.

We can help

Shadow IT doesn’t have to be this concept of rogue IT anymore. There’s an opportunity to capture it, and make it better by delivering answers to the questions that created it.

We can help you optimize your IT infrastructure and leverage the cloud like never before. Our top-level engineers are here at your service.  If you’re dealing with shadow IT and have come to realize that your company has needs that made this happen, give us a call.


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