Apr 1, 2013

Codero’s Diving Team Helps Fix Undersea Internet Cuts

A dark storm has come to part of the world. No, not a major hurricane or tidal wave, but something much worse. It brought havoc to those across the African coast. What was it? Something that strikes fear into even the strongest of Internet customers: an undersea fiber cut!

According to news reports, numerous teams were sent to the scene to fix the cut and restore service to Internet hungry customers. Unfortunately, more havoc ensued when customers began revolting and gasp, getting off their computers and pursuing other activities! This cut is a deeply troubling event to us, too, since it does impact our customers directly! For more news reports, look at these articles that unfold more of the story:

Now, Codero isn’t an organization to stand idly by, especially when we have a crack team of expert scuba divers. Yes, a team that we can scramble in a moment’s notice that’s not afraid to design a killer network or go repair an undersea fiber cut in a foreign land. Happy to help out and contribute to restoring service, under the leadership of our head of network engineering, Jason A, team Codero sprung into action.

The last report we got from the diving team was of a rough sea and angry skies, but they arrived safely. Right now, they’re working together with other teams to restore service to the region. To see where their location is, take a look at this map:

Now we know the repairs will take time, but we’re confident our team of divers will help get the cut repaired and get Internet customers back online! But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of team Codero back at home to keep things safe and sound at headquarters!

We wish our team abroad well and hope they return safely to Codero headquarters, soon!

Marcelino Janing - Codero Dive Team

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