Jul 19, 2012

Codero Unveils New and Innovative Smart Server Hosting Platform!

At Codero, 1+1 >2.   Dedicated hosting PLUS Cloud features!
Team Codero is excited to unveil our newest hosting platform solution: Smart Servers! Smart Servers is an innovative hosting solution from Codero that truly blends the best features from a dedicated server environment with cloud computing attributes. Codero Smart Servers deliver the performance and security of a dedicated server PLUS the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing. We believe this is a big deal. And, it’s going to rock your world and change the industry!

Codero already offers 1 hour, quick deploy servers. However, we wanted to do even more.  We wanted to offer a dedicated server solution that can be ready in minutes while maintaining all the attributes of dedicated servers that we all love and cherish. By merging the best attributes of Cloud and Dedicated technologies, customers will continue to have control over all of their dedicated server resources. This includes CPU cycles, memory, and storage capacity. However with Smart Servers, dedicated server resources can be deployed in an automated fashion in minutes as opposed to hours or days. Imagine not being restricted by your current dedicated server environment because of migration or provisioning times? Instead, you’ll be able to adapt to the demands of the marketplace almost instantly.

Codero Hosting Data Center

Databases?  No Problem!
Smart Servers can also handle high input/output applications, such as I/O intensive databases, without compromising speed or performance (you’re the only one on the server, so there are not 10 to 12 other people’s resources to tip-toe around). And, because our Smart Servers are embedded with virtualization capabilities, you are able to spin-up additional dedicated server resources quickly and easily.

Greater Control
Not only does a Smart Server give you superior reliability and flexibility blended into one, this platform is also easier to deploy, manage, and scale. Those businesses experiencing a seasonal spike in web traffic, or those expecting a quick expansion of their infrastructure needs, will benefit significantly because of the on-demand, flexibility that comes with Smart Server hosting.

Simplified Server Management; Click and you are up!
Managing your server is also simple with our web-based console access. Smart Server customers can access their operating system console through our dedicated Server Portal, easily, quickly, and reliably. With one click, you can spin up a new Smart Server instance!  Our Server Portal puts you in complete control of your server, and provides you immediate access to many powerful features. In a few clicks, users can add a smart server, put in a system migration request right from their control center, or to upgrade their hardware configuration.

Cloud computing flexibility entrenched into Smart Servers allows you to scale and handle data use peaks and growth quickly and effortlessly while still relying on dedicated server resources.

Smart Servers Features and benefits:

  • Cloud computing flexibility- Scale when you need it, in minutes, with a click of a button. Handle peaks, upgrade your hardware.
  • Security- Smart Servers are 100 percent dedicated to you, so your data integrity is maintained.
  • High disk input/output– Run high input/output applications without compromising speed or performance.
  • Instant deployment- Automated server provisioning within minutes, and with a few clicks.
  • Hassle-free migrations- Migrations or addition of a Smart Server occur in minutes, instead of hours or days.
  • Private networking- Ready for multiple server configurations in a private network.
  • Simple, web-based management- Visualize the OS startup screen, diagnose system performance, reboot or do a reinstall, all in a few clicks, and in minutes.

Smart Servers will be available at all of our data centers, including Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; and Ashburn, Virginia.

As a Codero customer, you also have the security of knowing your infrastructure is hosted in our award-winning data center environment  (we are ranked in the Top 10 of the Most Reliable Hosting Providers category by NetCraft). As with our other hosting solutions, you also have access to our dedicated, US-based customer support team, available 24/7/365. They are all ready and able to help you when you need them, whether your server is smart, super smart, cloudy, or just plain dedicated.

If you have questions about our new Smart Server solutions don’t hesitate to ask. We are always a chat or phone call away to help you build a solution to meet your businesses’ needs.






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