Dec 3, 2013

Codero Stands Out as a Finalist in Two Up-Start Cloud Awards

UP-START Cloud Awards It is with great pleasure that I announce Codero is the only company named as a finalist in not one, but two categories of this year’s UP-START Cloud Awards. The UP-START Awards recognize leaders in cloud computing that are developing disruptive, next-generation technologies. We’re up for “Best Cloud Hosting Solution” for Codero Cloud 2.0, as well as “Best Hybrid Cloud Solution” for the Codero On-Demand Hybrid Cloud™.

It’s great to be recognized for developing cutting edge hosting solutions that speak directly to the business needs of our customers. We developed Cloud 2.0 knowing that customers need an easy to manage cloud solution that can effectively and efficiently scale to meet their changing needs. Our developers built on existing knowledge and lessons learned from previous endeavors to provide something our competitors could not.

The Codero On-Demand Hybrid Cloud™ is what is most exciting, however. Again, we looked at the needs of our customers and developed the only true on-demand hybrid solution in the industry. Without any custom involvement, or special set-up, we’ve come up with a service that allows you to connect your Cloud and Dedicated resources natively, quickly and easily to adjust to fluctuating computing needs. We believe this product has the potential to make a huge impact on the industry, and most importantly, to the way our customers are able to run their businesses.

We are honored to announce our finalist status and thank all of our wonderful customers. It is because of you and your votes that we have been recognized in these categories. Through your feedback – whether you responded to a customer survey, spoke with a sales rep, or resolved an issue with one of our customer support experts – we’ve listened to what you had to say, put your input to work and developed award-worthy products. There is a lot of noise and confusion in the cloud computing sector right now and acknowledgement such as this helps set Codero’s best-of-breed technologies apart.

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