Aug 11, 2010

Codero Seeks Customers On The Go.

serverportal_appRecognizing the rapid growth of mobile technology and its importance as a communications tool, Codero is preparing to launch version 1.0 of for iPhone users. If you have an iPhone and are a Codero customer, we invite you to submit your interest to be a beta tester.  Simply log into and submit a ticket to our billing department with the subject “iPhone Beta.”  We will reach out to the selected beta testers during the week of August 16-20.

In 2009, more Internet-enabled phones were sold than laptops, according to a Morgan Stanley mobile Internet report. The report predicts more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years.  Consumers are using their mobile phones to engage with retailers, shop and buy…in real-time.

Our new application will allow users to quickly access Codero accounts through iPhones and get real-time server information. From ticket and invoice management, to configurations and IP address reviews, the application is ideal for those on the go. More features for the application will be launched down the road, but this is an early chance to beta test what is currently available.

Codero is always working behind the scenes to make sure we provide customers with relevant offerings. We welcome you as a iPhone beta tester to become an important part of this process as we continue to launch the products and services most in demand by our customers.

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