Apr 20, 2015

Codero Ranks #6 in Netcraft’s Global Hosting Company Reliability Ranking


UPDATE, 5/8/15: A new month, same reliable performance: Codero has once again cracked Netcraft’s Top 10 most reliable hosting websites for April 2015. Read more about Netcraft’s ranking system on their blog.

Call it an obsession with performance or a need to always be striving to be the best: Codero ranks, once again, as one of the top-ten most reliable hosting websites on the internet! There are hundreds of hosting companies out there, but only a handful of these companies have ranked top-ten on the Netcraft ‘most reliable’ list consistently over the last 3 years.


Why is Netcraft Ranking Important to Codero?

It’s important because we believe in delivering an exceptional experience to our customers, from end-to-end. Unlike many “top ten” lists on the internet, the Netcraft ranking system is based 100% on hard and relevant third party data.

This makes this Netcraft measurement a competitive, unbiased ranking system we can all rely on. Aside from the public accolades, it’s an important goal for us to continue to be ranked in the top 10, because we understand that delivering a fast and reliable experience to our customers represents the experience our customers can expect from our hosting platform.

How Does Netcraft Create its Rankings?

Netcraft’s data is based on the response times of leading hosting providers’ websites. These response times are measured every 15 minutes from separate points around the world, measuring failed requests and load times over several routing paths. Netcraft’s final results reflect a hosting provider’s reliability of routing.

Read more about how Netcraft formulates its rankings here.

You can read more about Codero’s dedication to service in this post examining the use of NPS to ensure we’re delivering exceptional service at every interaction.

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