Sep 4, 2012

Codero Offers Windows® Server 2012 on First Day of Availability from Microsoft!

Codero always ensures the latest and greatest technologies are available to our customers.  With our usual agility, Codero is making Windows® Server 2012 available to our customers, today, simultaneously with Microsoft’s launch.

Windows Server 2012 LogoWindows® Server 2012 is the newest installment of the Windows® operating system (OS) and is the successor to Windows® Server 2008. Today, on the same day as Microsoft’s release (September 4th), we are proud to announce that Windows® Server 2012 is now available to run on Codero’s high performance, and highly reliable hosting solutions. Codero has a long and rich history as a Microsoft Certified Partner. Our hosting solution experts have a lineage of Windows® Server expertise; prior to this announcement, we offered both Windows® Server 2003 and Windows® Server 2008, which will still be available to our customers as part of our Windows® OS portfolio.

Beginning today, we are offering the following 2012 editions to our customers, on the first day they became available from Microsoft:

  • Windows® Server 2012 Standard Edition
  • Windows® Server 2012 DC Edition

Please also note the following about the new offering:

  • Standard and DC Editions will both have the same features, with the DC Edition allowing for more virtual machines
  • With Windows® 2012, the web and enterprise editions have been eliminated from the Microsoft lineup

Why Codero and Windows® Server 2012?
You can always count on Codero for the latest and greatest in technology. We are pleased to now offer the newest and highest performance server operating system, Windows® Server 2012, simultaneously releasing the OS with Microsoft’s announcement of availability today. Our hosting solutions are fine-tuned to host the new Windows® Server 2012 editions. On this platform, your server(s) will have increased scalability and performance. Unlike any other, with Codero, this platform delivers superior connectivity to cloud services using an optimized management framework.

In addition, with Codero you’ll experience the full benefits of the new and improved features of Windows® Server 2012. These features offer extremely high levels of up-time and continuous availability. The platform also includes greater management efficiency. This simplifies and automates the deployment and visualization of major workloads. Greater automation means server deployments are faster and upgrades are even simpler. Finally, Windows® Server 2012 is more cost effective. The system takes advantage of commodity storage, networking, and server infrastructure, to deliver increased power efficiency for a greener planet. So you know, as a Codero customer you’re getting the absolute best technology at the best value possible. Finally, with Codero you are always a chat or a phone call away from experts that can help with any issues.  Codero has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for years, and has the expertise to help with any issues.

To mark the availability of Windows® Server 2012, Microsoft is holding an online launch event. The event, which can be found at, will include pre-recorded sessions regarding the new OS, which can be watched on-demand. There will also be live Q&A sessions with technical advisers throughout the week.

Coming soon! Check back with us, because soon we’ll begin offering Windows® Server 2012 on our new E5 series servers and as part of our Cloud hosting solution templates. In addition, as soon as Parallels Plesk Panel supports the new OS, we’ll also be adding the system to our Managed hosting services.

No matter what Windows® OS you currently operate, we thank you for being a Codero customer. We also encourage you to consider updating to the new Windows® Server 2012 edition if you are operating on an older version, such as 2000 or 2003. And, if you’re thinking about becoming a Codero customer, don’t delay! You’ll never look back.

Please let us know how we can help you.  We are here for you 24/7/365, whatever time of day or night you need us. Call us at 1.866.2.CODERO or visit us again at and chat with one of our hosting experts.




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