Emil Sayegh

Jun 25, 2013

Codero Leads the Way (Again) – Offering Plesk 11.5 on First Day of Release!

Continuing To Offer The Latest And Greatest!

Who doesn’t love having the latest and greatest tools to get the job done?  Well, we love putting these tools into the hands of our customers!  Tools always make things so much easier. Codero is proud to be first in the industry to release the latest version of Parallels Plesk Panel (Plesk Panel 11.5). By putting this powerful and versatile web hosting control panel into production, we’re making website and domain management that much easier for Codero customers.

Innovating And Working Hand In Hand With Our Partners:

Being the first to offer this new Parallels Plesk version is the most recent example of what you can expect from Codero in partnership with Parallels.  As you may recall, we deployed Windows® Server 2012 day one it was available from Microsoft. If you know what that means, you know it wasn’t easy! In both cases, this means very early access to code; numerous hours testing it; reporting the results to our software partners; working hand in hand with those partners to fix any issues; ensuring that our systems can work with that software; ensuring our teams are trained on the new features; and making sure when a customer comes to order it, they can. All of this has to happen before the software is officially released.

Why Do We Do It? 

Part of saying we offer Exceptional Service is giving our customers the best tools available. We want to have the best in customer security, reliability and usability in the hands of our customers. We want to lead the way by quickly empowering our customers with significant performance and security features. When our customers succeed and gain advantages, so do we. That is why we go the extra mile to make the best upgrades available quickly.

Plesk 11.5: Powerful Usability, Feature, and Performance Improvements:
Parallels improved nearly every aspect of its platform with Plesk 11.5. It was a significant rework from top to bottom.  A six-month public preview process gave Parallels the necessary time to fine-tune all the changes within, and the results are pretty incredible. This new platform introduces new, sophisticated professional web hosting features in a way that is easy to understand and use. (The list is pretty long, so we recommend you check it out.) You’ll find that among the many aspects of the product, there are features that help with business growth, upgrading, up-selling and ease of operations – all powerful and valuable elements for web hosts and website owners.

The list of new features in this release is pretty extensive. Below are just a few:

  • Sophisticated, new user interface – Easy to use, and built with Administrators in mind
  • Updated migration – Managed  to help identify transfer limitations early
  • Supports multiple version of PHP on any server – Define PHP versions per website if need be
  • Improved security features – Ability to assign additional Admins and utilize SecureFTP has made being compliant even easier
  • Simplified, unattended application install experience – Install applications from Parallels growing catalogue of open source and commercial applications

Always Leading the Way With Advanced Features and Innovation!

Incorporating the latest technology can translate into real business benefits, and Codero is always blazing the path with advanced features and innovation.  We believe that the first-mover-advantage is a very real one in this industry. We don’t want to wait like so many other hosting providers, to get the best technology into your hands.  This is what sets Codero apart.  We work hard to get the best technology into your hands.  It’s our customer first philosophy which drives us.  The name of the game here is best benefits, cost effectiveness and VALUE. That is part of our mission and it’s something we do with passion. Our commitment to evolving our products with the best technology and providing Exceptional Hosting Service is unmatched in the industry. Codero takes great pride in delivering yet another industry first with this Plesk update.  Keep watching for further industry-leading developments.

Let us know what you think! Plesk 11.5 is ready for prime-time on Codero Smart Servers and we want your feedback! Please email us at product@codero.com, call (1-866-2-CODERO) or chat with us.

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