Emil Sayegh

Feb 25, 2015

Codero Leads Hosting Industry with a NPS Score of 70


We just received our most recent NPS® survey results at Codero. If we weren’t so committed to providing exceptional service, we’d be popping bottles right now! Our latest NPS customer survey yielded a score of 70.

An NPS score of 70 places Codero among the top performing service-driven companies, in the world, and far ahead of most hosting companies which typically score less than 20. Read the press release here.

What is NPS?
Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®), is a management methodology used to measure and grow customer loyalty. It is gauged by conducting a very simple survey asking one, poignant question:

“How Likely are you to recommend ‘Company X’ to a friend or a colleague?”

Followed by a scale determining the strength of the recommendation from 0 to 10 with 10 being the strongest recommendation.

How is NPS Calculated?
The NPS scale is weighted to amplify the “Detractor” status of the participants.


  • Detractors: (Score of 0 – 6) People not willing to recommend your business
  • Neutrals: (Scores of 7 and 8) Users considered Neutral customers are not enthused enough to share their story about your business
  • Promoters: (Scores of 9 and 10) Promoters love what you’re doing for them! They are prepared and excited to tell your story.


The calculation used to reach your final score is complicated. The bottom line is it takes a LOT of 9’s and 10’s to have a NPS score above 50. To reach a 70 indicates the investments we’ve made in training and customer experience are paying off in dividends of customer satisfaction.

Why Does Codero Care So Much About NPS?
Many companies consider NPS to be more of a supplemental metric to their core reporting. At Codero, NPS is a guiding star.

It’s our secret weapon to gain insights into our customers, allowing us to make informed decisions to keep growing WHILE keeping our customers thrilled with our service.

Emil Sayegh, CEO of Codero since 2012, has placed NPS as one of the top 3 metrics guiding the company. This move makes each “company decision” a “customer experience decision”. Emil and the leadership group understand with a great depth that customer experience is THE only differentiator in the cloud and hosting markets.

“When you’re making every decision based on your customers’ needs and expectations, your customers repay you with long lasting relationships, referral business and great feedback. We want our customers to be smiling after every interaction!”

We want to share a few tips for your business on how to use NPS:

  • Culture and Hiring: Ensure that putting the customer first is firmly rooted in your culture. At Codero, putting customers first is part of our company creed. We weave customer centricity into our culture, and celebrate customer successes and feedback on a daily basis. We also ensure that we only hire people in all departments that are passionate about customer service. “Hard skills” are much easier to teach than good customer service disposition.
  • Measurement of Interactions: We are firm believers in the Net Promoter Philosophy. We measure our NPS on a regular basis, and make sure all feedback is acted on in a systematic way. We measure every interaction. Whether the interaction is over phone, chat, or support ticket, each channel is measured for quality interactions. Those employees with the best scores and most praise get the awards, and promotions. The words of praise are used to help us understand what we do well, but also the words of advice are used for us to continuously improve.
  • Smile while talking to customers: We advise our customer support team to always smile while talking to customers on the phone, via chat, or ticket. Believe it or not, customers naturally feel that vibe and makes it a better experience.

Gathering and incorporating data collected from our NPS surveys has been critical to our success. We hope you will use that for your business as well. Stay tuned for more insights on NPS on the Codero Blog:

Or better, give us a try, and check out Codero’s service for yourself 😉 We will amaze you.

*Net Promoter and NPS are registered service marks, and Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

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