Jun 8, 2012

Codero is The BACKBONE of the Rock’n’Roll “Monster” HD Radio Network! – Powered by Codero, HDRN is ranked as the largest metal station, and the second-largest rock station on the internet!

Philip Foltz – CEO of HD Radio Network

We recently met up with Philip Foltz, the CEO of the HD Radio Network.  Philip explained to us that the HD Radio Network is one of the biggest Internet-only radio networks. The station’s family includes Hard Drivin’ Radio (a.k.a. HDR), Big 80s Metal, and All HDR Classics. In fact, they are ranked the largest metal station and the second-largest rock station by the Windows Media Guide.

As one of the top sources of online HD radio streaming on the internet and the world, Philip Foltz explained that it’s essential for the HD Radio Network to have a secure, responsive, and above all reliable hosting infrastructure.

“We pride ourselves on 100 percent uptime with our broadcasts,” Philip told us in an email. “Codero helps us achieve this goal day in and day out.”

We at Codero couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Philip and HD Radio Network. Rock and Roll is also the Codero team’s music of choice… coincidence?   Many of us rock out daily to the sounds of HDR in our personal time. Admittedly we sneak it at the office and even at our Data Centers as it makes a great workday soundtrack.

So, how does HDR use Codero? It’s pretty simple: the HD Radio Network relies on Codero servers for all its broadcast and streaming needs.

The HD Radio Network’s main listenership happens mostly during the work hours of 7am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time. That means that the company’s biggest demand is during a specific, high-volume time of day, and its server host has to meet that high level of consumer demand without fail. Downtime is NOT acceptable.

Shawn Bennett – Codero Account Executive

“I would consider Codero the BACKBONE of our Rock Monster,” enthuses Philip, citing Codero’s “quick upgrades” and “top-notch service” as specific points in our favor. (He also singles out Codero’s Shawn Bennett as “our most excellent representative.” Great work, Shawn!)

“Codero helps make Hard Drivin’ Radio and the HD Radio Network the BIGGEST and BADDEST stations on the Internet!” Philip recently shouted out on Facebook. “Thanks again for your great service and support.”

We are ecstatic to have Hard Drivin’ Radio as one of our customers, and yes we have your BACKBONE covered.  If you have a story to tell about being a Codero customer, please send an email to, and if you want to see what others are saying click here.

We encourage all our readers to check out HDRN and rock to some awesome tunes.  Also, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  They simply ROCK!

Hard Drivin' Radio Network Logo

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