Sep 22, 2016

Codero Customer Highlight– Hen’s Teeth Network, Art Zemon

In its 15th year of business, Codero customer Hen’s Teeth Network is a “soup to nuts” provider of web design and web hosting company. Looking for more features, reliability, and better performance, owner Art Zemon moved his company to Codero’s infrastructure from Rackspace in 2013.

Art has been really impressed with his Codero experience, specifically Codero’s support.

“While most of Codero’s customers probably run Linux, we are different in that we are on Virtuozzo and have built our own VPS services on it. Even with it being so different from the norm, Codero does just as well supporting our customized software,” said Zemon.

Hen’s Teeth Network’s customers are small businesses across North America. Mostly non-technical, they simply expect their websites to be up all the time. The Codero- Virtuozzo-Hen’s Teeth combination makes it possible.

That was not the case when Hen’s Teeth Network was relying on Rackspace’s public cloud.

“The Rackspace public cloud did not provide the reliability or performance we wanted and of course it was expensive,” said Zemon. “Hosting is all about price, performance, and reliability and that’s exactly why we are with Codero. The experience has been very positive and we have increased our hosting margins.”

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