Emil Sayegh

Jan 15, 2016

Codero Ranks Among Netcraft’s Top 10 Most Reliable Hosting Companies


Codero Hosting closed out a fantastic 2015 on another high note, ranking seventh in Netcraft’s global hosting reliability rankings for December 2015. Netcraft’s rankings prove Codero is one of the world’s most reliable hosting providers, ahead of many of its direct competitors. Codero earned top spots in Netcraft’s rankings for much of 2015 and anticipates maintaining the trend by continuing its dedication to reliability and exceptional service in 2016.

Netcraft's Most Reliable Hosts for December 2015

Table 1: Netcraft’s Top 10 Most Reliable Hosting Companies in December 2015

Why Do Netcraft’s Rankings Matter to Codero?

At Codero, our #1 goal is to deliver exceptional service to our customers in every interaction. Netcraft’s rankings, which are based entirely on impartial third-party data, are an important benchmark to ensure our users’ experience with Codero is both highly responsive and reliable.

Our customers rely on the Codero hosting platform to deliver fast experiences to their users. Being ranked in Netcraft’s most reliable hosting sites proves that our customers can expect ultimate reliability from Codero Hosting and trust our platform can help them create an excellent experience for their users.

How Does Netcraft Create its Rankings?

Every 15 minutes, Netcraft measures and records the response times of the world’s leading hosting providers. These response times are tested from different locations around the internet, and factor in failed requests and load times. Netcraft then calculates averages over a 24 hour period, which leads to its rankings that reflect a provider’s reliability.

Read more about how Netcraft formulates its rankings here.

Do you expect world-class performance from your hosting partner? More importantly, do your users expect a reliable and highly responsive experience from your websites and applications? Chat with a hosting expert now to learn how Codero can increase your business performance.

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