Jul 9, 2013

Pass The bread! About Codero’s Culture, Values and Creed

A company without culture is like a sandwich without bread.  It just isn’t possible.  Whether the culture is implied, in the background, or printed on company letterhead, it is ever-present.  Make no mistake. In the beginning, Codero’s culture was not “codified” – it was relaxed and informal, and implied.  We all knew we were a service focused organization that was here 24/7/365 to support our customers IT infrastructures, resolve and anticipate our customer’s technical problems, proactively implement improvements, and ultimately make the customer feel like they were a part of the extended Codero family.  We also knew our individual personal strengths and aspirations but were challenged to expand our responsibilities outside that area of expertise.  After all, we were a small company with a big agenda, and ambitions.


Through the years, Codero has seen many changes, and our principles have evolved and matured.  We certainly still strive to make our customers smile, that is a big component of our culture.  However, we also have matured to also think proactively as a group, and individuals, work within our strengths, and be a positive influence on each of our teammates.  With the number of teammates continuing to grow rapidly, we felt it was important for everyone (customers, employees, investors) to understand our culture and its evolution.  We believe that culture is defined by how we interact with each other, treat our customers and want the entire world to see us.  Upon observing our teammates in day to day activities, conversing over drinks, working hard side by side with each other, we were able to pinpoint the values we, the employees, value most.


  • Put the customer first!
  • Keep our promises (to customers, and each other)
  • Embrace change and push for improvement
  • Have open and honest communication
  • Operate in our “Magic Zone”
  • Be willing to help our teammates
  • Think as an entrepreneur and be ambitious
  • Value substance over flashiness
  • Embrace a culture that is Truthful, Ambitious, Proud & Positive

Most of these are self-explanatory, but you may be asking yourself what is the “Magic Zone?” Is Magic Johnson back in the game? No! The Magic Zone is the overlap of an employee’s aspiration and knowledge with the company’s needs.  This is the optimal zone that each one of us should operate in to give our best.  Managers and employees should always team up to find that Magic Zone.  When you are in the magic zone, you are the happiest, and most productive.  Now that is a great combination!


Now that I’ve shared the Employee Values aspect of our culture, I would also like to share our Codero Business Values with you. We were a little more creative with these, so please enjoy.

  • Strong Ambitions – Ambitious in the goals we set for ourselves.  Don’t short change yourself, or the company.
  • Maniacal Discipline – Disciplined process for each function to make sure we are heading towards our ambitions and be able to adjust quickly to meet the goals.
  • Productive Paranoia – Always be worried about a competitor being better, channel that energy constructively.
  • Data Driven Innovations and Change – Innovate and create based on solid customer data and proof points.

My favorite business value is the last one, because it highlights the creative and innovative teammates that make working at Codero so exciting!  What can I say?  I’m a people-person.


As I mentioned above, Codero has seen many changes over the last few years, but our commitment to our customers has remained our priority. To emphasize this fact, we developed and came up with a Codero’s creed.  This creed hangs on every employee’s desk, and we strive to live it. Here it goes!


  • Surprise the world: Become the hosting company the world didn’t expect and become part of a customer’s life for life.
  • Provide peace of mind: We worry so our customers don’t have to. We are on the face of the earth to host other company’s data reliably, securely and affordably, 24/7/365.
  • Be a loved brand: Simplify our customer’s experience by automating our processes and exceeding expectations in every interaction.
  • Put our customers first: Everyone is here to serve customers via support, product innovation, or infrastructure upgrades.
  • Become the best place to work: Employ the best  individuals who want to volunteer everyday and grow their careers for life.

Which one do you think is my favorite? The last one? Is that your final answer?  Well, you’re right!  I know I don’t need to explain why, but I like to brag about my amazing teammates. If you think Codero’s culture encompasses your values, check out our career openings.  We would love to get your feedback.  As you know, culture is an evolving thing, as the name implies… Give us a shout, if you’d like to chat!

And just for fun here is our Harlem Shake Video from earlier this year

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