Jan 9, 2013

Codero Hosting Helps Customers Pursue Truth and Justice by Powering!

My SpyCam LogoWildly Successful My-SpyCam Achieves Ambitious Goal of Sub 2-Second Page Load Times with Codero Hosting.

Although people buy hidden cameras for a variety of reasons― a nanny cam to protect kids or a security camera at work― you can bet that capturing the truth is on the list. For Kris Kayyal, owner of My-SpyCam, just offering customers the largest selection of nanny cameras, spy cameras and hidden cameras on the internet isn’t enough. That’s why he started MySpyCam. It’s an eCommerce business model that goes way beyond the big box, one-size-fits-all mentality of other providers. Sound familiar?

“Really nanny cams and spy cam products apply to everyone and anyone, if they want the truth or they want to protect someone or something,” said Kayyal.  “We help customers find the right products. They can call us or use live chat and we’ll give them honest advice on what will work for their situation.”

To run its powerhouse business MySpyCam was relying on a virtual private server (VPS), and cloud services from a few other hosting companies. But slow page load speeds were a major issue and concern.

Kayyal is very keen on giving his customers a great experience, and just knew there was a better way. He did not want to frustrate customers or give them a sub-par experience especially as he was moving to a new eCommerce platform called Magento― which is known for being resource intensive― Kayyal at this point determined that his prior provider wasn’t going to cut it.

He then found Codero Hosting and hasn’t looked back since. Today, MySpyCam is running on powerful Codero servers with SSD hard drives. Working with his dedicated Codero team, Kayyal designed a hosting solution to meet his exact needs. When asked how the service is performing now, Kayyal gushes.

“My Codero hosting service has performed flawlessly,” said Kayyal! “We’ve tested the service and optimized it and it’s doing very well. I am very happy with Codero’s performance and the network is absolutely great. The uptime has been 100% and we haven’t experienced any issues. Being an eCommerce store we can’t afford to be affected by network issues. With Codero we haven’t had any of the issues that we had with other providers, kudos to the Codero team.”

Sub 2-Second Page Load Time

In addition to flawless service with Codero, MySpyCam was also able to reach its goal of a two-second page load time. He explains that in web development and web design there is a paradox― the more custom a web design, the more images, and thus generally a better user experience. However, it comes at the cost of speed. This is why YouTube and Google are simple designs, for example. To get the best of both worlds Performance and a top-notch user Experience― MySpyCam trusts Codero.

“Our goal is to NOT frustrate users with slow load times, especially the users using mobile devices and those who have limited bandwidth and typically slow connections,” said Kayyal. “So we wanted high performance dedicated servers, with a great hosting company that would help us achieve our ambitious goals of sub 2 second page loads.”

Running a business is never easy. But with Codero, Kayyal believes things run a lot smoother and his website runs a lot FASTER.

What’s next for MySpyCam? Kayyal determined to keep adding more spy cameras and nanny cameras and negotiating better prices so that customers can get the absolute best products at the cheapest possible prices.

“Running a business has a lot of headaches, moving my hosting to Codero reduced the amount of fires I have had to deal with related to my hosting down to nothing. That and Codero’s service allows us to deliver a better customer experience which drives our bottom line. Thanks Codero for providing us with a great service and awesome pricing!” – Kris Kayyal

If you have story to tell, please let us know at If would like to join MySpyCam and start experiencing first hand Codero’s reliability, performance, and exceptional service call (1-866-2-CODERO) or chat with us today!

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