Emil Sayegh

Apr 30, 2013

Codero Hosted Network Attached Storage (NAS) and SAN Storage Offerings Help Customers with Affordable Scale Out

I’ve heard it from customers before, “When are you going to offer more storage options?” Well, you asked and we delivered. I’m happy to announce our newest offering: Network Area Storage (NAS) & Storage Area Network (iSCSI SAN) storage for your Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting services.

We always work to offer our customers the best options and with NAS and iSCSI SAN you get two types of storage to choose from. We developed these new solutions to more efficiently and effectively serve Windows and Linux customers in need of scale-out storage. Ideal candidates for Codero’s NAS and SAN storage are organizations that are comfortable with network-bound performance.

NAS provides file storage perfect for those in need of lots of file storage. For those requiring more performance from their storage, we offer the iSCSI SAN option – great for those seeking disk space that’s good for application level demands, such as databases.

Examples of Use

Network Attached Storage 
With NAS, you get file-level storage that’s well-suited for large file server options. Simply attach the storage as a mapped drive to your server and storage files, such as media, backups and virtual machine snapshots.

  • Store more files, like videos, documents, backup files
  • Add more storage to existing servers
  • Archive older files no longer needed on production machines

iSCSI Storage Area Network
iSCSI SAN enables you to add in space that helps maximize performance. For example, say you want to create multiple virtual server instances. Simply create the instances with the iSCSI SAN storage and you have a higher performance disk that serves each of your virtual server instances. You could have a web server, database or other type of server with plenty of storage to accomplish any operation.

  • Create virtual machines
  • Host database intensive operations
  • Cluster servers for High Availability and Failover

We have a few configurations available for this offering including both NAS and SAN options starting at 4 TB with 8 GB of caching. Please visit Codero.com/Storage for additional information on our NAS and SAN storage options.

As always, we’re here to help you with any of your hosting service questions. For more information, please chat with one of our hosting experts or email me at Product at Codero.com.

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