May 6, 2014

The Road to the New Codero Dallas Data Center

At Codero, we’re always working to support our customers’ businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. That’s why we’re proud to announce the opening of our flagship world-class data center in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area. Our customers are growing tremendously, and the need for high performance cloud, dedicated hosting and On-Demand Hybrid Cloud services is growing along with them.

Expanding Our Capacity to Support Our Customers’ Technology

DFW datacenter rack aisle

Data Center After Construction was Completed

When it comes to delivering the best hosting platform technology, we’ve assembled the best of everything and spared nothing. Codero Hosting COO, Robert Autenrieth, was closely involved in both selecting and building out the DFW data center, which is located on one of the most advanced DC complexes in the world. When it comes to the core requirements for a facility like this, power, cooling and density advantages are some of the factors which set this location apart. The DFW area is also the hub of connectivity for bandwidth in the US giving us access to a variety of choices in providers. Other benefits of DFW, which are not inconsequential, include the presence of plenty of highly qualified resources in the local labor pool and that we will be enjoying a significant savings in our power costs as a result of having an actual power substation on premises. The journey to this launch has been a rapid-fire succession of orchestrating numerous vendors, suppliers, contractors and internal staff whom were all integral parts in a data center build-out of this magnitude.


Choosing Your DC Partners: No Simple Task

Autenrieth commented, “At the beginning of our search, we started out with the need for a fourth location in the US to meet the growth and disaster recovery requirements of our customers, we sent out an RFP to all the major players that met our requirments.” As a geographical location, Dallas was immediately the perfect match of economics, flexibility and a favorable labor situation. When it came to choosing a facility in the area, the list of partner options quickly narrowed down to just two. We were looking for a dynamic provider that could assist us in our future national and international expansion which would allow Codero to bring our Cloud and Hybrid products worldwide. The partner had to be financially solid and also be considered a main player in the industry.

During Data Center Construction

During Data Center Construction

Resulting from our rigorous due diligence process, we finally narrowed our partner choices down to what we thought would be two equal options. However, when you are dealing with the complexity, technical requirements and all of the numerous moving parts, you can’t take your eye off the ball. As soon as we were ready to roll with one of the two partners, we quickly detected some inconsistencies in terms of how the economics were laid out to us by this specific partner. We knew that we wanted a partner we can trust and grow with domestically and internationally. It was this attention to detail that quickly led us thankfully to our other option, and what became our final choice for a facility in Richardson, Texas.

Built on the site of a former radio manufacturing factory built during WWII, the facility has dual substations right on the property itself. Created specifically to support the requirements for reliable power and redundancy necessary as part of the war efforts, the onsite 138KV power substations represent an incredible offer of continuity that we can guarantee to our customers. Given all of these factors, we are proud to add this to our data center portfolio. It is Codero’s fourth SSAE 16 site in the US.

World’s Leading Hybrid Cloud Provider

This new data center design will now deliver access to services which will let customers scale up into our cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions, making Codero the leading hybrid cloud provider in the world. The DFW DC will feature state of the art networking design and architecture that is fully redundant, and high-performing enabling Hybrid natively, and on demand. This new data center embodies the same core principles of Codero for automation leading to rapid provisioning and seamless scalability. Codero network architects are some of the best in the world and every bit of their knowledge and expertise went into the design of this infrastructure. In addition, the 24 x 7 x 365 network and DC support will help keep our customers smiling with every interaction. Codero is racking new customers in this new facility today while we continue plans for major global expansion throughout 2014 and 2015.

Said Autenrieth, “The new Dallas data center is all about customers who require world-class performance, reliability and scalability running on the most advanced networking technology infrastructure. Whether it’s bare metal dedicated servers, public cloud, private cloud or our patented On-Demand Hybrid Cloud technology – we’ve expanded our data center footprint to support it all.”


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