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Jun 17, 2016

Codero Culture Snapshot: A Day in the Life of a Codero Employee

Company culture is more important than ever, and while it has always been a critical component of an organization’s very foundation, it’s quickly become a “must-have” rather than a “nice-to-have.”

What Exactly is ‘Company Culture?’

Often implied, company culture develops organically over time from the collective traits of the organization’s employees. It refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.

At Codero, we define culture by:

  • How we interact with one another
  • How we treat our customers
  • The intangible feelings and attitudes both potential and current customers have about our brand.

Let’s break these down to define how we maintain a positive culture at Codero…

A Day in the Life of a Codero Employee

How we interact with one another

Codero attracts some of the very best and brightest talent in the industry. We are dedicated to leading, serving, creating, producing, supporting, selling, enacting change, and making people smile in order to truly succeed. We come to work to win —each and every day.

Overall, I am proud to assert that our collaborative team truly respects, values, and supports one other. Considering that employees today are acutely aware that 30 percent of their lives are spent working, this strong sense of community boosts everyday morale and makes coming to work a positive experience.

Additionally, Codero has an open door policy where employees have the opportunity to interact directly with their CEO and executive staff. This level of transparency is rare at most companies, and enables employees to gain valuable insights from and foster relationships with Codero’s executives.

How we treat our customers and how they feel about the Codero brand

Codero was founded on our dedication to providing exceptional, U.S.-based expert support 24/7/365 from day one. We’re committed to supporting our customers’ IT infrastructures and proactively resolving their technical problems to make improvements in an ongoing effort make the customer feel like they are part of the Codero family.

It is beyond rewarding each and every time we read a positive testimonial from a customer, as it is a testament to our hard work. Here are just a few of the countless testimonials that reflect our dedication to our customers:

“Codero Support Team is amazing, they go beyond their defined contracts and take extra steps to help you. My business requires a lot of support and I work with all major host providers, from Rackspace to Hostgator, from Godaddy to other third party hosts. For me Level 2 Support is important, most of the other companies, you will not even get to it. Codero caters that need for me and helps me, Codero does not push me in the other direction without guidance and holding hands.” – A. Sheikh, a Codero Client over 10 years
“Online support is fast and efficient. The few issues we had were handled quickly. The last two hosts we had dropped the ball, often taking days to resolve simple issues. Customer service has been great as well. I like the fact Codero keeps in contact with their customers, and even follow up on surveys (showing someone actually reads them!).”-T. White, Codero Client 4 months
“Awesome service and uptime!”- R. Jones, Codero Client 5 months
Very good customer service and reliable service quality H. Dang, Codero Client 2 months
“For several years running, we’ve had rock solid upkeep time, and extremely dependable support. I would not move to another host even if they paid us to do so.” – E.. J. Hong, Client 8 years

And last but not least…

The Codero Creed—We Will…

Surprise the world: Become the hosting company the world didn’t expect, and become part of a customer’s life for life.

Provide peace of mind: We worry so our customers don’t have to. We are on the face of the earth to host other companies’ data reliably, securely, and affordably, 24/7/365.

Be a loved brand: Simplify our customers experience by automating our processes and exceeding expectations in every interaction.

Put our customers first: Everyone is here to serve customers via support, product innovation, or infrastructure upgrades.

Become the best place to work: Employ the best and brightest individuals who want to volunteer their best everyday and grow their careers for life.

And just for fun, here’s a quick peek at some of the fun we’ve been having this year 🙂 …

Codero Spirit FridaysBBQ Bull Creek

Identify and believe in the core tenants of Codero’s culture? Join the Codero team! Check out our current career openings and apply today.

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