Oct 9, 2014

Codero Creates a Rock Solid Network for On-Demand Hybrid Cloud By Partnering with Brocade

At Codero, we do a lot of things differently. From our use of automation to deliver rock-solid reliability, to our high performance products and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the status quo has never cut it for us. Our biggest difference, however, is our On-Demand Hybrid Cloud.

Part of what makes our On-Demand Hybrid Cloud so special is the quality of our network infrastructure. Our partner Brocade helps us achieve and maintain that level of quality. As a hosting provider with a unique, industry-leading service portfolio, it’s important that we align and work with other companies that share our values for innovation, and stand out just as much.

That’s why when Brocade approached us about helping tell our story, we were thrilled. The following video is the result. In it, you’ll hear from our CEO, SVP of Product Development and VP of Operations/Network Engineering to learn about:

  • How we provide rock-solid reliability
  • Our automation philosophy
  • Who we serve
  • What’s gone into our new data centers
  • What On-Demand Hybrid is
  • How Brocade technology helps Codero achieve our goals

So give it a watch, see what you think and don’t forget to leave your comments below.



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