Nov 30, 2009

Cloud Computing: Behind Every Cloud is Another Cloud.

In January of this year cloud computing was predicted as a web hosting trend for 2009. While a growing trend, confusion exists in the marketplace as to what exactly cloud computing is, so I sought out a quick and simple explanation for cloud computing, and how it affects the everyday person. Some of the sites/online tools I take advantage of utilize cloud computing. For example, when I log in to Facebook and upload pictures, they are stored in a cloud – same for when I access Google Docs to save or share files. Want to see a visual representation of cloud computing? We found a great video on CNN that explains the basics of cloud computing.

While cloud computing seems to be a fit for many social networking sites, it may not be for everyone. Companies tend to lean towards more traditional forms of hosting when a high level of security or control over their hosting environment is needed as seen in a recent tip on ITworld.

What do you see being a hosting trend for 2010?  Let us know your thoughts!


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