Mar 22, 2011

Cloud Public Beta is Here…the Way it Should Be…Affordable.

We are excited to announce the Cloud beta launch!  Now’s the time to start using it when it is at prices that are even further below market price for those who sign up during the initial beta period. Set-up for both plans is at no charge and no contracts are required.

The engineers here at Codero have spent months meticulously planning the new offering so it meets your need for scalabilitiy and flexibility. Codero’s beta offers the ability to change the resources allocated to an existing Cloud, whether you want to increase or decrease the processing power, RAM or hard drive space all through our online Cloud Portal.

Once you learn more about our beta, you’ll see it is the way Cloud should be…affordable. There are two flexible plans for our new on-demand service:

1.)  A pay monthly plan
2.)  And an hourly plan

The hourly plan allows for paying only for the storage space and outgoing bandwidth that you actually use.

We have a product roadmap to continue to add features, but we’re keeping it flexible based on user feedback so let us know what you think about Cloud beta.  You can comment below and tell us what features you would like to see in the Cloud.

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