May 17, 2011

Codero’s Cloud Infographic Highlights Green Benefits and Cost-effectiveness

Just how green is Cloud?  We compiled the latest statistics to find proof that Cloud is indeed an energy-saving hosting option. With the debut of Cloud Hosting from Codero, we wanted to let you know all the advantages our new on-demand offering holds. Codero Cloud is offered by the hour or by the month. It is elastic so you can use as much or little as you want at any given time on demand and respond quickly to rapid business fluctuations.

Much has been written and discussed about how Cloud computing will take over IT infrastructure in the next few years. But did you realize how eco-friendly Cloud really is?

See how Cloud stacks up as far as sustainability benefits. Check out the Cloud Infographic below.

Are you surprised by any of the statistics? Tell us what you think in the comments below.  And please share our infographic with those who appreciate the opportunity to go green with new technology.

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