Kami Haynes

Jul 1, 2016

Cloud Independence Day

This day and every day that follows should be Cloud Independence Day.

Cloud Independence DayEach July, we celebrate the shared spirit of our American forefathers and the freedoms we hold dear thanks to the bravery of generations of Americans before us. Freedoms are present in many ways throughout our daily lives, so it is easy to assume that the world was always so. We owe these rights to fundamental truths, shared and continuing struggles, and a drive for independence.

In a similar fashion, every day is an opportunity for hosting and cloud freedom. Although different, many struggle under the weight and constraints of technologies that aren’t a match for what businesses truly need. Countless choices face those that choose to free themselves from this web of computing legacy, burdens, and traditions. Hosting options are the tools of freedom and there are benefits to each:

  • Managed hosting – Hosting your own server is a thing of the past. Maintaining your own environment, managing your network, maintaining backups, running system operations, and bearing the infrastructure costs have not made economical or operational sense for quite some time. Free yourself and your business from the drudgery of maintaining equipment. Managed hosting is the answer for even the smallest of businesses and it will get your company back to doing what it does best while not worrying about the work of maintaining operations.
  • Dedicated hosting – If you have high-performance computing demands, such as database applications, high transactions, or your company requires rapid application response, dedicated hosting is another way to free your business and operational priorities. High-performance systems with dedicated networks, storage, and compute deliver on the greatest of needs. In addition, dedicated hosting is one of the most cost efficient ways of delivering top-level computing resources.
  • Cloud hosting – When companies have simple needs, cloud hosting provides great benefits that are cost-efficient and reliable. With granular cost-capacities, applications can be delivered in a way that utilizes only the resources that are required, when they are required.
  • Hybrid cloud hosting – Modern applications and infrastructures have created a variety of demands that are satisfied by the benefits of high-quality hybrid cloud hosting. From cloud-based applications, to IoT applications, to big data infrastructures, every situation is different as much as every company out there is different. All the while, the most complex and meticulous of needs call for flexibility, power, capacity, and security. These needs are met by the most powerful and most flexible technology platforms that exist today in hybrid cloud solutions.

The Independent Choice

Finally, the most important choice of all is that which will lead to the best path to success – the cloud partnership. With the best technology possible, with the best support possible, and cost-efficient solutions for thousands of companies, commitment to customers is Codero’s top priority. Codero prides itself on delivering exceptional services at the best price. Exceptional support, fast delivery, and top-grade technology are the fundamental tenets of the greatness the company aspires to achieve. The right relationship matters because great service and great products mean that you are truly free to achieve the potential your business is meant for.

Let this be the day that cloud and hosting freedom takes its rightful place. Each day that follows, let the choice be clear. Choose the present and choose the future.

Service-driven, customer-driven, and focused on freeing companies across the land from needless costs, needless marketing fluff, and wasted cycles wasted on maintaining systems, Codero is where the highest performing cloud meets service excellence.


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