Kami Haynes

Jan 9, 2017

The Cloud Crystal Ball – A Round Up of Predictions for 2017

Each new year heralds a round of prognostications, with various industry analysts and writers scratching their heads about what happened last year and what may happen this year. We’ve rounded up a list of predictions for you to consider – time will tell who had the best view into the crystal ball when it comes to cloud technology.

  1. Topping the list with his one big prediction for 2017 is Joe McKendrick, Forbes contributor: “…the Internet of Things (IoT) is the major force that will drive the role of cloud in our organizations, workplaces and careers. It will also work the other way around as well — cloud will move IoT forward.”
  2. Clint Boulton, Senior Writer at CIO, offers this nugget: Regional players complement ’mega cloud providers’. By that he means that CIOs who initially planned private clouds will switch to public implementations once they realize the cost in time and money associated with a private cloud. And while many organizations will rely on “mega players”, they won’t be able to serve every request, opening the way for smaller regional players as well.
  3. Boulton also sees a trend toward cloud cost containment. With multiple providers and complex cloud management, CIOs will improve best practices to keep costs down, using management tools and monitoring usage.
  4. Terri McClure, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, an analyst firm in Milford, MA told TechTarget that there will be more of a balance between on-premise and cloud technology.
  5. Hybrid cloud technology will boom in highly regulated industries or in regions without another data center presence, predicts Meaghan McGrath, analyst at Technology Business Research.
  6. Dave Bartoletti of Forrester predicts in a ZDNet article that cloud migration will get easier with more tools to lift-and-shift for bulk application migrations.
  7. Based on Forrester’s 2017 predictions, AnalyticsWeek columnist Jelani Harper claims that Industry-specific clouds will grow in prevalence.

What are your predictions for the cloud industry for 2017? Where do you see growth or change occurring?

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