Jul 29, 2016

Celebrate System Administrator Day with Codero

system-admin-dayEvery dog has its day and the same goes for SysAdmins. Once a year, System Administrators can look forward to an entire day that is focused on the important role they play on organizations around the world. This international celebration (also known as SysAdmin Day for short), was begun in 1999, making this the 17th event. That’s a significant milestone.

It can be said that System Administrators live with a lack of recognition for the other 364 days a year, but not at Codero. SysAdmins are in the company’s DNA, as partners, as employees, and as advocates. So while you may not exactly be showered with piles of bonus cash, flashy cars, or even a day off today, know that Codero cares.

As a sysadmin, your day starts early and ends late into the night.  You wear out keyboards and mice. You’re on the front lines of every piece of your business, you deserve recognition.   That’s why if it has somehow been missed, Codero is here for you.

As you work hard to prevent disasters, keep things secure, and put out fires, Codero recognizes these efforts. This includes everyone that administers email, databases, voicemail, PBX systems, webmasters, network administrators, and even mainframe administrators. Great job this year!

For all the hard work, all the long nights, for all of the smooth-running operations, fighting budgets, working weekends, and so much more, Codero’s message to all System Administrators out there is thanks for everything. With a bit of luck and word of mouth, many SysAdmins have found Codero’s guides, services, and outstanding support have helped ease the days throughout the year. Our small way of saying thanks to all of those that are outstanding members of the community.  If you get a dedicated server from Codero, please use coupon code 7520pleskfree50 by 7/31 and we’ll send you a $50 gift card, 75% of our Dedicated services, 20% off for life + Free Plesk for life!

Happy SysAdmin Day!

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