Aug 28, 2012 Sells Over 230,000 Products and 2000-plus Brands Through their eCommerce Engine Hosted with Codero story is the story of so many internet startups.  It was founded in 2008 by a 21-year-old entrepreneur, who had a vision and a dream.  They started with the idea to be different than competitors who were selling to consumers online. This is a hard task as there are many different business concepts and customers’ needs vary so greatly.’s development team became laser-focused on building the most robust, and easy to use online retail platform possible. With a solid ecommerce infrastructure, the company can offer the most compelling products and services at the most competitive prices.  They first started in September of 2008 with just selling mattresses, bedding and furniture. Then, they expanded by selling products in all categories. They differentiated themselves from their competition by being an easy, desirable, and affordable one-stop-shop with thousands of products.

“ was a new site of ours and we had no server infrastructure expertise to speak of,” said Daniel Eichar,’s business development manager. “In order to do eCommerce the scalable way, we turned from a solution we had with Amazon WebStore and decided to go with Codero.”

Now is a true internet powerhouse, selling over 230,000 types of products and 2000-plus brands through its eCommerce engine hosted with Codero. The company’s largest channel is direct online sales through its ecommerce storefront Products include everything from premium home décor items such as area rugs, art pieces, ceiling fans, and garden and patio furniture to sporting goods like motorcycle helmets, golf cart accessories, and even electronics from top brands like Sony, Ihome, and Coby.

Unparalleled customer service, and simple user experience is what sets apart from the herd.  On their website it says: “We want our customers to hear a voice if they have questions, and for customers to want to come back. We truly understand what customers are looking for because we’re customers too.” Sound familiar? Sure sounds like Codero.  I guess the saying is true: “birds of a feather flock together”, eh?

Why Codero? Wanted to Leave it to the Experts!
According to Eichar, the team chose Codero because of its experience hosting custom, scalable configurations. They also selected Codero because of the company’s ability to deliver products fast and because they were able to get new services setup quickly with straight forward packages and competitive pricing.

“We do not have the resources to have our server infrastructure in house, and quite frankly it doesn’t make financial sense,” said Eichar.  “We selected Codero because of their expertise in providing server networks designed for high demand and high volume environments like ours. We also wanted the speed, reliability, and value of their hosting services.”

According to Eichar, Codero’s reliable server infrastructure provides the backbone to run custom web applications which are critical to’s growth. The company is currently on a Windows platform and codes in ASP.NET and .NET. The custom network configurations from Codero include firewalls, managed online backups, database replication clusters, and more. is also working with the Codero Engineers to further load balancing to its servers and is considering pushing its database to a dedicated server for better performance. The Codero technical team designed the customized hosted solution by listening to their needs, defining their specific business challenges and configuring an optimal solution.

“We work with our Codero account manager and technical consultant anytime we need to discuss our service.  Every time we do so, we are confident we’re getting the optimal solution that’s scalable for our business,” said Eichar.  “When we have questions about what pieces we need, our dedicated Codero advisors are able to help us quickly determine what fits our overall solution.”

A Hosting Solution that Grows with Buxnie
As continues to grow, the Codero support team is able to provide expert guidance about how to manage their IT environment to keep up with the rising demands on application servers and network bandwidth, and how to mitigate potential security risks.

“Buxnie is a pleasure to work with.  They are an aggressive, rapid growth company.  We love that. We are so glad to have them hosted at Codero,” said Lenny Hiath, Director of Account Management at Codero.  “I worked with them on their very original configuration with us, and now they are working on upgrading their config to a new design that will give them years of performance and headroom.”

Daniel Eichar of

Daniel Eichar

“Our hosting needs are starting to become more demanding,” said Eichar. “We are building SAAS model applications that will require a cluster of servers and Codero can scale with us in anyway requested, and they can do it quickly.”

Commitment to Great Customer Support
Eichar believes that what makes Codero unique is the company’s commitment to providing exceptional customer support that is professional and personal, and always available very similar to Buxnie’s differentiation!.

“Codero is different because when we call we can speak with someone quickly, anytime day or night,” said Eichar. “They take a consultative approach that shows that they are interested in our success.  “Without charging us extra, they talk with us to help us outline our near-future, and long-term future needs. Then, they work with us to design the best hardware infrastructure options and map how the solution supports our goals for growth.”

We are so glad that Buxnie is hosted at Codero.  We love to have customers that share our passion for delivering exceptional customer service!  We love to help hungry start-ups like realize their vision for growth! By working with them side-by-side we can quickly customize, configure and provision a rock-solid IT infrastructure to power everything from their first eCommerce site, to the launch of a robust supply chain management system.

If you would like to join and start experiencing first hand Codero’s reliability, performance expertise, and value we are always just a phone call or chat away. If you have a story to tell like please shoot us an email at

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