May 8, 2015

Bongiovi Acoustics Rocks YOUR Audio with Codero Hosting

At Codero, one of our main passions is helping companies grow. We love sharing the stories of successful companies’ hosting apps with Codero Hosting. Bongiovi Acoustics, founded by music producer Toni Bongiovi, is the license and patent holder for the Digital Power Station (DPS) audio processing/optimization algorithm. Bongiovi Acoustics makes the music you play on your laptop or portable device sound great, and Bongiovi is doing it on Codero’s hosting platform.

About the Bongiovi Acoustics DPS

Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS) is a dynamic, real-time process that significantly enhances the sound for built-in laptop speakers, headphones, and external speakers. The software dynamically optimizes the audio signal, making it easier to hear and easier for an amplifier to reproduce, leading to an overall improved listening experience.

Bongiovi has also made its DPS technology available in the form of a software development kit (SDK) and a variety of hardware platforms for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Bongiovi has even spun off its DPS algorithm into an entirely separate company for medical, telemedicine and clinical applications: Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies.

How Did Bongiovi Acoustics Start?

To talk about Bongiovi Acoustics means talking about one man: Tony Bongiovi. An acclaimed music producer and audio engineer who got his start at Motown Records, Bongiovi went on to create one of the most successful recording studios in the world, Power Station Studios in NYC.

Power Station Studios is where Tony’s cousin, Jon, started the band Bon Jovi. (Maybe you’ve heard of them?) Power Station became the studio of choice for top artists including Madonna, AC/DC, Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. (If you really want to have your mind blown, check out the list of artists here.)

DPS Was Developed on a Plane

Beyond producing gold-record artists, Tony loves flying planes. He wanted to listen to music in his small twin-engine airplane, but cabin noise drowned out the sound from the small speakers. Ever the innovator, Tony brought audio equipment from the studio into his airplane and eventually created a way of processing the audio to significantly increase the audible output of speakers in a loud environment. In plain language, Tony made music sound really good where nobody had ever tried to make it even audible.

As readily available technology evolved, Tony enlisted the help of Dr. Glenn Zelniker, one of the founders of modern digital audio processing, to port the DPS process to digital code. Just like that, Bongiovi Acoustics was born!

Bongiovi and Codero Hosting

Bongiovi joined Codero as a customer in 2009 and has seen significant growth since then. For Joey Butera III, the Senior R&D Audio Engineer and Systems Analyst for Bongiovi Acoustics, one of the most important factors when choosing a hosting provider was partnering with a company that could support a growing infrastructure that meets the increasing demands of customers and the multiple initiatives that Bongiovi Acoustics develops.

“Since 2009 we have grown a lot and Codero has been there for us at every step with expert support and solid hardware.”

— Joey Butera III, Bongiovi Acoustics

Bongiovi uses Codero’s On Demand Hybrid Cloud infrastructure and is powered by multiple dedicated Codero servers to support both its custom back end (built in PHP, running on Docker) and WordPress-powered front end. On the back end, the application’s dynamic data is accelerated with Memchache and served out of a MySQL cluster, while the front end is load-balanced using HAPRoxy.

According to Butera, working within Codero this way gave Bongiovi “the ability to stay self-reliant and leverage bare metal solutions in a cost efficient manner, while scaling using virtualization.”

The Future of Bongiovi — and You!

Bongiovi is heavily integrated into the medical, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. Recently, the company partnered up with Seiki in the television and sound bar sectors, meaning future Seiki products will feature better sound than ever before.

If you want to experience the Bongiovi difference for yourself, you can buy audio players enabled with DPS if you’re using a device that runs either iOS or Android. To improve the sound on your computer, you can incorporate a system-wide plug-in that optimizes the audio in every application on your Windows PC or Mac. Learn more about Bongiovi’s software here.

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