Apr 15, 2014

Operational Excellence, and the Automation Advantage

Companies compete on various axes. Some compete on Customer Intimacy and Emotion (such as Lexus, or The Four Seasons Hotels), other companies compete on Product Design (such as Apple and Samsung), and still other companies compete on Operational Efficiency (such as Southwest Airlines and Chevron)

Automation in Hosting Process

Automation is the cornerstone of Operational Excellence and Exceeding Customer Expectations:

As COO, I am in charge of operational excellence and automation efforts at Codero Hosting. I am consistently striving to create a balance between expanding our process efficiency, controlling our costs and keeping our customer intimacy at the forefront of our service offerings.  We’ve built an operational structure here at Codero Hosting based on automation that delivers on its promise like nothing else in the industry and it is key part of our value proposition. We automate everything that can possibly be automated. The reasons are simple; non-value added activities do not translate into revenue generation or customer satisfaction. To deliver on our customers expectations, we use automation to deliver cutting edge products that are easy to use, easy to support and allow us to give our customers the best price possible.

That’s the formula.

Automation means we don’t have superfluous resources or activities that negatively impact the bottom line. We take pride that only the most skilled, most talented employees wear the Codero Hosting badge. Each of them come here to volunteer their best, and want to do high value add tasks. Automation reduces the friction in our cross-functional processes and makes us easy to do business with. Our customers and employees appreciate that our focus and dedication. stretches through our development and support activities, to our network engineers, and all the way across the board to ensure that we are delivering results that our customers appreciate. With this focus, we can continuously help our teams learn new skills, and perform at a higher level.

Total Cost of Productions – How Codero Hosting is Improving the Bottom Line:

A natural bi-product of our automation implementation is that we can drive non-value activities out of our processes in order to increase our efficiencies company- wide. This translates directly into cost savings that we can monitor and adjust over time. By considering everything on the table for automation, our processes become part of a repeatable system. From the moment a customer orders a cloud instance or a server, to the moment they use it, and scale it, there are many areas where process breakdowns can occur. At any of these points of failure, customer expectations can be missed if automation is not in place. With automation, the cost advantages are tremendous to Codero; savings which are then passed onto our customers. This level of automated service also lets us help us to innovate, bring new products to the market faster and deliver support that is more tailored to each of our customers’ needs. This leads to the conclusion that Codero is easy to do business with. This translates into a positive, holistic customer experience that is leading the industry…and our customers are thanking us for it.

Automation/On Demand – The Future of the Hosting Industry:

We consistently ask our customer who join Codero from other hosting providers, “why are you leaving them?” In many of those customer conversations, we have found that other hosting companies actually fail because they don’t focus on automation. Increased costs have to be passed on to the customer. We have found that the average hosting company needs two to three weeks lead time to turn over a dedicated server to a customer and that  a hybrid environment at could take as many as 5 engineers to set up, along with that time and effort comes massive set up fees, costly proprietary “bridge” boxes, and a ton of wasted effort.  Customers shouldn’t have to wait that long for deployment, they shouldn’t have to shoulder the costs of engineering each and every project like it was a new one, and they shouldn’t have to deal with any more layers than they have to when it comes to support. Tapping our automation discipline, Codero can reduce overhead costs, save time to deployment, lower the time customers wait for support and that automation “attitude” to provide a win-win situation for our customers and Codero.

How Automation Helps Codero Customers:

We believe that our extensive automation efforts help our customers in the most direct way…right in their pocketbook. From day one, our customers notice the unmatched cost savings and tremendous value that they get with Codero’s automated infrastructure. Only a high degree of automation will allow our customers to obtain dedicated servers in 1 hour, custom servers in 4 hours, smart servers in 20 minutes, instant Cloud scalability,…and best of all INSTANT Hybrid connectivity on demand (link).

With 100% uptime and secure, reliable servers, coupled with the level detail we have incorporated into the architecture of our automated platform, our customers  may never need to talk to us at all. However, when they do need a helping hand, our world-class U.S.-based technical support team is available 24/7/365. That is a hosting solution which has you covered on all sides. Try us out for yourself.


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