Emil Sayegh

Apr 2, 2016

April Fool’s Day—Never Forget

Codero is a team of passionate hosting nerds—we geek out over the latest hypervisors and believe Linux is an OS of Epoch proportions. Our enthusiasm may not be shared by all, but we also find ways to get our kicks through more “mainstream” mediums.

Take this for example, an email our CEO, Emil Sayegh, sent on April 1 at 5:50AM CST:




What made this my favorite of Emil’s storied history of April Fool’s pranks is his strategic timing—early morning grogginess meant my brain was still catching up with my eyes (which were selectively seeing only the word “standing,” a guy doing that while working, and a pile of ergonomic comfort) and forget about remembering to be prepared for the prankery clearly at hand.

Here’s the thought sequence I immediately experienced:

Indignant outrage -> Surrender/resignation (someone bring back the stability ball) -> Mental preparation

…for a solid 5 minutes before realizing I’d been had before I’d even fully completed my REM cycle, let alone my first cup of coffee. Alas, here I sit in the same chair I did that day, and every day since I received that devastating email. Kudos to you, Emil, your strategy proved far superior than Google’s April Fool’s prank this year.

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