Emil Sayegh

Dec 12, 2012

Announcing Codero’s New MicroCloud Product Line!

MicroCloud BannerAs a new member of the Codero team, I’m so proud of the enthusiasm and energy that my team, and Codero as a whole, pours into the development and launch of new products in order to solve customer problems. Our latest launch … The Codero MicroCloud.

Why MicroCloud?
Many customers struggle with the multi-tenant nature of clouds. This can be because they have specific regulatory or privacy requirements that makes multi-tenancy difficult to justify, or it can be because they just want to know what they are getting in terms of performance and avoid noisy neighbors. However, everyone deserves to enjoy the flexibility and scalability that a cloud can bring. They need a cloud that doesn’t force them into sharing their infrastructure and resources, and gives a level of stability to what they are buying in terms of their resources.

Today, Codero has taken a major step to addressing this need, and delivering all the advantages that come with
virtualization to these customers. We’re proud to announce our new Private Cloud product line: the Codero MicroCloud.

How it Works
The Codero MicroCloud has dedicated pools of computing resources built from select dedicated servers. These servers are pre-loaded with the appropriate hypervisor and software you select. Should you need it, you can quickly scale your Codero MicroCloud by adding more physical, dedicated server resources or by scaling within the allocated resources of your current MicroCloud. To scale outside your current MicroCloud, additional dedicated servers must be added. With Codero Quick Deploy capabilities, you can add servers to your MicroCloud and have them ready in less than one hour.

As you may have guessed, the Codero MicroCloud is unique because it’s fully dedicated to a single tenant. There are no sharing resources, and you, and you alone, control your entireenvironment. Fully dedicated resources and hardware eliminate costly bandwidth and unknown storage variables. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a 100% private cloud.

My Top 5 Reasons to Get a Codero MicroCloud

#1 – 100% Dedicated, 100% Secure
You get the flexibility of cloud computing, in private, at a set price that does not fluctuate from month to month. Privacy and security are two of the biggest attractions of the Codero MicroCloud. You are the only one with access to its resources and contents.

#2 – Full Management and Control
MicroCloud gives you full management access and control. You choose your MicroCloud size and hypervisor (ESXi or Citrix XenServer – more coming soon).

#3 – Flexibility
Re-size, move, spin-up and spin-down virtual machines within your MicroCloud at any time, in real-time. Add new nodes to your Private Cloud computing solution whenever you need it.

#4 – Optimize IT Spend
A private cloud from Codero will lower your price-for-performance and will allow you to consolidate workloads to optimize your IT dollar. Basically, as you fill your cloud you will actually end up saving money over what you might pay on a public cloud.

#5 – Full Support
As with all of our dedicated, managed, and cloud hosting services, you’re always backed by Codero’s exceptional service.

Whether it’s MicroCloud, Hybrid, Dedicated, Public Cloud or a Smart Server, our expert team is here to help configure the right solution for you. If you have any feedback on the Codero MicroCloud, or any ideas for any other products or services please shoot me an email at product@codero.com.

Also, please stay tuned and subscribe to the Codero Blog. We have a lot more products coming…some just around the corner…And that’s only just the beginning. We plan to continue to push the envelope and innovate to make our technology better and our customers’ lives easier. So keep watching and keep sending us feedback…


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