Emil Sayegh

Dec 5, 2013

Announcing Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS)

The Highest Performing, Most Flexible, Block Storage Solution in the Industry

At Codero our mission is simple: to help customers run their businesses as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In order to do so, we have an incredibly aggressive pace of product innovation. Since September we’ve launched Codero Cloud 2.0 and On-Demand Hybrid Cloud™, and today we add another industry standout with the All Enterprise-grade SSD Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS). For reference sake, AWS launched EC2 in 2006–two years later they got around to launching their block storage solution. We move quickly to execute on our ideas and with the release of CEBS we offer unparalleled performance and flexibility to meet today’s business computing demands.

Businesses increasingly rely on high-performance database-driven, e-commerce, and CRM applications, among others, to run their operations and scale their business. These types of mission critical applications require storage systems capable of meeting the load-intensive demands these types of applications carry, while also insulating workloads from the “noisy neighbor effect”. With CEBS, Codero not only meets those demands, but offers guaranteed performance.

CEBS is built for high performance, flexibility, and versatility. With block storage devices, raw volumes are presented to your operating system. These volumes can then be partitioned and formatted to meet the requirements of your application, just like local hard drives. This makes block level storage valuable for almost any kind of application, including databases, virtual desktop infrastructure, and flexible public/private cloud storage. Anything that could benefit from a performance boost and guarantee can benefit from CEBS.

What makes CEBS even more flexible is the fact that it works with any hosting configuration. You can add high performance storage to your Codero Cloud, Codero Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Codero Smart Servers, or Codero On-Demand Hybrid Cloud™.

By creating block storage volumes to handle your storage IO tasks, it’s easy to alleviate the strain placed on your Cloud, Dedicated, or Smart Server’s resources. With block storage volumes you can increase the capacity of your Server without provisioning a new one or having downtime to add additional hard drive capacity. Once the volume is mounted it behaves just as a normal, locally attached hard drive. In addition, CEBS allows for on-demand scaling that gives you the flexibility to increase storage size and guaranteed IOPs for increased performance quickly and – most importantly – on-demand and fully automated.

Not only can you rapidly provision volumes to meet the demands of business, but we provide the only guaranteed Quality of Service in the industry. You simply select the amount of raw storage and IOPS you need to run your application and Codero guarantees that the minimum IOPS specified will be met under any situation. Plus, you get Burstable performance above the minimum guaranteed IOPS.

Of course, performance means very little if your data isn’t properly backed up, safe, and available. We only employ Enterprise-class SSD drives to ensure the integrity and safety of your data. We’re not willing to compromise your data and our SSD drives are part of fully redundant nodes with backup power and networking. Each volume is spread among several drives in different nodes; even if multiple drives or nodes were to simultaneously fail, your data remains accessible at the guaranteed minimum performance level you selected.

We’re incredibly proud to be releasing this service to our customers, and believe that CEBS will enable businesses to make the most of their high-performance applications. It is the highest performing, most flexible, block storage system in the hosting industry. A powerful product meant for powerful applications.



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