Emil Sayegh

Mar 7, 2012

A Story that Needs to be Told: Why I Joined Codero as CEO

By Emil Sayegh, President and CEO

By now you may have seen Ryan’s blog post, the news release, the Tweets, and some of the articles (Silicon Angle and Cloud Computing Journal) announcing that I have joined Codero Hosting as President and CEO. I wanted to personally let you know how delighted I am to be here. This is a great company at its core, whose compelling story has not been written or told yet. This debut blog post (with more to follow) will introduce you to the many reasons I joined, and how great this company really is.

They Had Me at Focus

In the past, Codero tried to be everything to everyone. They offered shared hosting, domain registration, web design, and a wide variety of other services. That has changed. Now, instead, we are solely focused on being a hosting specialist for our customers’ infrastructure IT needs. We are now focused on delivering the best experience to customers through a tight market specialization – dedicated, managed, and cloud hosting. To me, that’s a win. The Codero team found their niche, and are now sticking to it.

A Solid Team with Good DNA

Coming to Codero was an easy decision for me. The team’s talent, enthusiasm, and commitment to quality service intrigued me from the start. I saw good people at Codero and good hosting products with a customer-focused culture. I saw a solid company with respectable, established roots, and a loyal customer base. The Codero team has automation in their very DNA. These are all qualities that I really admire in a company, and are hard to instill. Best of all, they are not flashy about it. I really like that too.

To illustrate what I mean, here is one response to the mail I sent out this week:

Dear Emil,

Congratulation on your appointment. I have 2 servers from Codero and I can confirm that it has the best service coupled with the best affordability. I had tried dozens of server companies before I permanently park my money with Codero since 1 year ago.

Good luck and I look forward to your fine leadership in Codero.

Thx! ~ Dennis Lee, Managing Director Coolasia

Here is one more:

Congratulations Emil!

I am new to Codero as of this past October. I’ve been managing servers with hosts since 1999 and by far Codero has been my best experience! I have always been a bargain shopper and didn’t want to pay as much as I did for my server – but it is Codero’s outstanding technical support and the a-la-carte options that has made me a customer for life! Your salesman did a great job representing your company as I did not believe I was really going to get the service level that he spoke of… after just four months with Codero i’m just amazed at the consistency of the support that I have received.

Thanks for joining a great team – my loyalties will remain with Codero as long as their commitment to service remains as strong as it is today. Looking forward to growing together!

Take care! ~Sean Johnson, Sean Johnson Consultants, LLC.

Defeating the “Tyranny of the Or” with the “Power of the And”

The current industry choice sometimes seems to be only an either-or proposition, like reliability or price, or customer service or price. This type of limited thinking forces you to make an undesirable trade off in your business AKA “Tyranny of the Or” from Jim Collins’ Good to Great fame.

What I love about the Codero team is that they instinctually choose the “And”. They deliver both reliability and a great price. They provide solid customer service and affordability. They don’t buy into the “Tyranny of the Or” so their customers don’t have to either. Their DNA of customer service and automation allows them to deliver service efficiently.

Perfectly Poised

Codero sits at the intersection of 3 important, massive trends that I am very passionate about, and we are perfectly positioned to take advantage of them:

  • Shift to hosting in general from internal customer premise Data Centers (DCs)
  • Shift to cloud and hybrid from just pure traditional dedicated server hosting
  • Small to medium businesses (SMBs), departmental IT projects, developers, and start-ups (just like us) being the fastest growing segments in this movement.

What you may or may not know is that Codero hosts many thousands of companies and tens of thousands of applications already. It is the IT hosting home of small companies, start-ups, and numerous consumer brands, but it also hosts larger firms, like a top 5 ranked airline, a top 5 travel web site, a top 5 ranked global banking institution, and a top 10 ranked Internet gaming company. Working with this diversity of market segments is thrilling to me.

Up, Up, and Away into the Cloud!

Despite all the noise, it is still basically Day #1 in the Cloud Market. Even with a $100B projected market growth by 2015, it’s an industry in its infancy. The battle lines are still being defined.

Cloud hosting by definition requires automation to scale. It will also require good customer service and the “Power of the And” to bridge with traditional hosting. This is where Codero’s inherent company DNA is going to be a massive asset. I will be blogging more about Cloud, Dedicated, and Hybrid hosting in future posts, but for now just know that the opportunities are wide open for the companies with the skills to capitalize on them. I believe Codero is one of those companies and that’s another reason why I am here.

The Future is Bright

We will leverage open-source to offer a comprehensive suite of business IT hosting services to earn the right to become the one-stop IT shop for businesses worldwide. Through our automation, consistent service, and reliability we intend to become the Southwest Airlines of the hosting industry – always reliable, on time, and at the best value. It’s a big plan, but big plans are what attracted me to Codero in the first place. And, we can’t do it without active participation from our customers, partners, and employees.

You’re Invited

I invite you to come along on this journey with me and my team. You can connect with me on  social or via email and I am here to help (and so are they). Keep an eye on the blog, watch the website as the improvements roll out, and give us your feedback. I think you’ll like what you see. And, last but not least, let me know how I can help. I’m here to listen.

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