Mar 16, 2011

A Quick Glance at HTML5

Building upon “How HTML5 will change the Web,” Peter Wayner of InfoWorld continues to expand upon HTML5 features throughout his most recent series of articles. The series highlights four areas of the HTML5 standard technologies that most, if not all, modern browsers are supporting in some capacity. The article takes an in-depth look at topics that include:  enabling a more interactive graphic interface by using video, audio and canvas tags; local file storage; web page data communications; and HTML forms that allow for more control over data. Some of these features will eliminate/reduce the use of plug-ins, while others will let you store data offline so that you may continue to work without an internet connection.  It also offers opportunities to utilize geo-location based applications, which you can already see being used in the mobile world.

HTML5 is evolving into a cohesive standard which is making it easier to work with and giving more development opportunities to a greater population. I definitely think that the HTML5 standard will provide a more robust web experience to the end user, particularly in a mobile environment. What are your thoughts on HTML5? What do you think its impact on the web will be? How do you see it affecting development?

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